Welcome to Enhance Life

I've been reading other's blogs for quite a while and thought it was time I had my own.

In this first posting, I will tell you a bit about why I named my blog-Enhance Life and the sort of things you can look forward to.
I believe that life is a continuous effort of improvement. Isn't it? We read books, buy a car, follow further education etc. I could go on, but I think you get my point. Whether it’s improving our life style, attitude, knowledge, health, and wealth.... We are knowingly or otherwise, on a mission of improvement.
This blog will represent my opinions/ideas, based on my incidental gleanings and shared experiences of others. I’m hoping my entries will further enhance your life, and make it more gratifying, on its way to the “lost destination”!!

Thank you for dropping by. Stay tuned for future posts.

Think Tank:"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." - Albert Einstein

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Jenean said...

I found your blog through the Organizing Junkies site. Very nice! I like the clean design. It piqued my interest because I have a cousin named Shamelle, and that you don't see too often.

Eileen said...

Great blog Shamelle. I discovered you because you commented on my blog (www.TGIMworklife.com)

I have to tell you I am so very new to this blogging world (only started mine Jan 1) that I still don't fully get all the language and tools (e.g. tagging? how to put on a widget for RSS, etc.)

But bit by bit I'll get there. I appreciated your comment on my blog - how did you find it?

Best and here's to a TGIMworklife for us all!

AgentSully said...

great blog!
Thanks for stopping by mine. We seem to have similar aims with our blogs. Wanna swap links?

AgentSully said...

Hi Shamelle,
I love your blog so I tagged you for a meme. You can see it at my blog: http://lifelearningtoday.com/2007/05/04/keyword-meme-all-aboard/
No pressure to participate, but if you want to then great!
Best wishes.

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