5 Tips - To create your own blog

Before the launch of my blog, I had to swim through several search engines to obtain necessary information. So today, being the first month anniversary of my blog, I thought it would be appropriate to share my blogging gleanings with you.

These were the steps I took, to get my blog up and running.

#1. Find a blog publishing service
To me, the battle was between blogger, typed and wordpress. If you are willing to spend a few dollars there are other contenders! The following articles helped me decide, on one.
* How to blog has a comparison between MovableType vs TypePad vs Blogger vs b2evolution vs WordPress.
* Blogging on the free web has a few thoughts built upon How to blog.
* Andy Wibbels discuss the structure of a few popular blog platforms.
* Kingsley Tagbo has an interesting post on how to compare blog software

#2. Choose a template
There are number of fancy templates out there. I did browse through the under mentioned sites, even though in the end choose to stick to the simple blogger template.
* Thur's Templates is a templates showroom, with a good selection.
* Blog Fashions has some free blog templates are compatible with Movable Type.
* Blogger Templates offers templates dedicated to Blogger.

#3. Write!
I'll admit, writing the first post was very difficult. It took a considerable amount of time and effort. I have written several posts thus far and I can honestly say that writing has become a lot easier and enjoyable along the way.
Most blogs are dedicated to a specific area. I would advice you to find an area that you are curious and interest about. Once you get started it will be like typing email!
* Lifehack.org has a post on 50 tools which can help you in writing. I highly recommend that you visit this one!
* website101 has Top 10 Blog Writing Tips
* How to write for the web contains a few short and sweet tips.

#4. Motivate yourself
Isn't that the case with most things these days! You need to identify the factors that motivate you to keep writing. E.g. comments, the number of visitors
* A-Z-of-professional-blogging is a list of valuable resource links.

#5. Hibernate
Try always to provide the visitors with content worthy of their time. However, adhering to that, is not easy! There comes a period where you just run out of ideas. Ideas will eventually return, until then don't post anything. Basically, don't write any posts, if you think they are not "up to the standard".

Think Tank: "What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing" ~ Aristotle

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