7 Ways – How NOT to annoy people

Unlike my other postings, I did a substantial amount of research on the topic at hand. It mainly included carrying out a survey of 27 individuals, to find out what annoys them the most. (A heartfelt Thank you to my friends and colleagues who participated.)
I did try the good google too. However, I could only find articles that titled “101 ways to annoy people”! Don’t take my word for it, try the above heading in google and be amused!

You surely must be wondering, “Why should I try not to annoy people?”! My answer being, “The less people you annoy, the more easy life is, for you!” Do you have a different opinion? I’m open for comments.

It is inevitable that your family, friends and co-workers will annoy you and that you will annoy them! The purpose of this posting is to identify “attributes” that generally make people annoyed. If we are aware of these, we can make a conscience effort, to refrain from carrying out such behavior.

Based on the survey feedback, I put together a generalized list. If you are looking for brand new traits, sorry to disappoint you. I’m just here to reiterate things you already know!

#1. Respect
A high percentage of survey participants had this trait, as the most prominent. Which simply means, respect the person and their privacy. Life is such that, what’s sensitive to me, may not be sensitive to you. So the next time you make a joke on personal “material”, keep the other person’s sensitive cue in mind.

#2. Trust
It takes a long time to build, yet only a few seconds to break. Handle with care!

#3 Be genuine
Some people say one thing, mean another and do something entirely different. If you wondered what annoys me the most, there you have it.
Take a genuine interest in people. In other words, don’t lie, backstab or manipulate others.

#4. Use authority with caution
No one likes to be ordered what to do. Do you? You might say. “Situations prop up that requires authority”. Shall I rephrase that? “Situations prop up that requires getting things done”. Yes, there is a difference.

#5. Avoid being self-centered
Don’t make your life revolve around you and only you. Make room for others in your daily routine.
To give a few examples,
-Just like you, the other person’s time is also important to him or her. Value that.
-Share credit generously, where it is due.
I think you can imagine the rest.

#6. Take responsibility
If you make a mistake, admit it, as your mistake. We are human after all, and entitled to a few mistakes in our lifetime. Of course, take precautionary action and make sure it doesn’t happen again!
Promises were another high-flyer, from the feedback. Whether its family, friends or work try not to make promises you can’t keep.

#7. Be flexible
We can’t simply change the fact that each of us are different. Not everyone has your life experiences, your knowledge, your level of maturity and lifestyle. When caught in the “moment”, we sometimes tend to forget that. Is it wise to measure everyone, with the same yardstick?

Think Tank: “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” ~ Donald Laird

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Anonymous said...

This I'm sure is a reminder of things we know but sometimes tend not to pay attention to !

Keep writing !!! :o)

Ellie said...

Greetings Ellie From the Nederland

TL said...

Well done! keep on writing.

local girl said...

Boy, I sure know some people who could benefit from this post! LOL!

Thanks for sharing it with the Carnival of Family Life!

Lisa said...

I could think of a few people I would like to send this link to!! We all inevitably annoy people and are annoyed by people. I try my best not to annoy people whenever I can.

Here via the carnival of family life.

prudence jambwa said...

thats very real great job

Anonymous said...

this is kelly saying(yes, i know i put anonymus) this was helpful 2 me bcuz im always annoying. people never realy wanna hang out w/cuz im annoying...what they dont relize is that everyone is annoyin,including them,but some people are just more annoying than others...anyways,ya, gr8 job and keep up the good work! :)

Anonymous said...

I bet this would REALLY piss people off ;) http://howtofixstuff.blogspot.com/2012/03/how-really-to-annoy-people.html

Leslie Lim said...

It is great to have the opportunity to read a good quality article with useful information on topics that plenty are interested on.


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