Did You Know : The three fingered salute

NO, I didn't make that one up!
This is the first post in my "Did You Know" series. (From time to time, I plan on giving informative facts as well.)

The three fingered salute is better known as the Control-Alt-Delete key combination. It is a popular keyboard shortcut for rebooting a Windows PC, NT logon or for invoking the Windows Task Manager in XP systems. Other humorous synonyms include the "Vulcan nerve pinch" or "Vulcan death grip" from the original Star Trek TV series.

The three key sequence was developed by David Bradley. You can watch his amusing talk on Ctrl-Alt-Del at youtube.
He said, “I may have invented it (control-alt-delete), but I think Bill (Gates) made it famous."

He also goes on to say that it was a 5 minutes job! Hm...

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Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog, via bestestblogofalltime. Interesting post! Keep up the good work. :-)

Enhance Life said...

Thank you John.

Sonja said...

Hey Sham,
Thanks for checking out my blog Quantum Leaps and for the nice compliment. I strive to keep it different and interesting. Your blog is very varied also.
Would you like to link to each other's blogs via blogroll?

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