The recipe of the ‘ideal’ person

I am going to exercise your imagination a bit today. Imagine that you are given a recipe to create an ideal person. (Please, imagine this with me, how absurd this may sound!)

If in case you are wondering the meaning of ideal, the oxford dictionary defines it as:
a. satisfying one’s idea of what is perfect. –n. person or thing regarded as perfect or as a standard to aim at.

Here we go, the recipe. Take note.

1 dummy person (given to you!)
10 people you really know (you can select anyone!)

Select each person (out of 10) and copy his/her good traits and paste on the dummy person.

The power necessary to execute the method!

Time: 10 minutes only

Ready, Set, GO ….the clock ticks….

10 minutes up! OK. Come back from la la land!

Now let’s move on to the rationale of this imaginary exercise. Were you able to create the ‘Ideal’ person within the time? If you did, you are probably among the minority. Perhaps this is so because some people are not fully aware of good traits in others.
(Even the ones that they really know well)

The birth of this (silly) exercise was brought to life by a silent wish or rather a sigh!
“I wish person X had the qualities of person Y” or
“Why can’t person X be more like person Y?”
Sounds familiar?

Sadly, in reality we can’t copy and paste qualities from one person to another. Life would be very easy if it was, right? True, but would it be interesting and exciting, if everyone was an ‘Ideal’ person?

Anyway, what I wanted to highlight through this post was:
Of those people you know really well, how aware are you, of their good qualities?
(Sometimes, momentary incidents make us forget the things, that we once considered as “good qualities” of a person.)

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Misty said...

Ideal person for me would be someone who is satisfied with their life or if something is amiss has the thought and courage to strive to change themselves for the better.

Someone intelligent, sincere, honest, compassionate, has a sense of humour.

Someone who is comfortable in their own skin, whatever shape, size or colour it might be.

Someone who is well thought of by others but who doesn't need everyone's approval.

Someone who believes in and exercises common sense.

Someone who lives within their means and balances work, family, health, love and personal time.

I have many people in my life that I do acknowledge the good with the bad. I try genuinely to find any and all good qualities in anyone I meet, with perhaps a naivete that in essence everyone is good.

Typed this in less than 10 minutes, does that count?

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