Respectful ways to say "NO"!

I am generally someone who has difficulty saying "NO" to anything or anyone. Thus, I tend to take too many things at once and sometimes get myself buried.

I'm sure there are others like me out there. Hope you benefit (as much as I did) from an article titled 20 Ways to tell someone NO By Ramona Creel

Among these, here are my favorites:
"I can't right now, but I can do it later"
"I can't, but let me give you the name of someone who can"
"I've learned in the past that this really isn't my strong suit"
"I'm sure you will do a wonderful job on your own"

(However, none of these would help, if you were looking for a way to say "No", when a guy proposes!)

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Misty said...

Saying "No" to a marriage proposal would have come in handy last year. Despite being married previously, it was the first time I was "proposed to". I was skirting around the "No" answer quite a bit in an attempt to save his feelings, but should have just flat out said No, I'm not thinking that way yet. But I chickened out, said "ok", thinking the feelings would come. They didn't and he was hurt when I finally was able to say "No, this is not what I want" and mean it.

WildChild said...


WildChild said...


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