3 Simple WaysTto Foster An Attitude Of Gratitude

#1. Acknowledge Your Blessings
It is a human tendency to want more. In the search for "more", we forget to be thankful for things, that we take for granted. As I mentioned in 6 Ways To Make You Feel Good, there are others, who are in a much worse position than you or me. So, make list of all the things that you are thankful for. Count them, one by one! Make a note to regularly revisit that list.

#2. Appreciate Others
A colleague of mine, left our company recently. It is a company norm that we give a card/gift, host a farewell and bid goodbye. Imagine my surprise, when she gave me a card that read something like this
"…I have come to admire you professionally and as a person, and it has been a privilege that you extended your friendship to me…"

Reading this, I was speechless. In a way I felt glad that I had touched someone's life. (Even though I couldn't pin point what I had done to deserve such kind words!)
The truth is that, if she didn't tell me, I wouldn't have known that I made a positive impact in her life.

#3. Practice 'Thank you'
Ok. Anyone can say it. It doesn't cost a thing now does it?.
Warning: If you are not someone who is usually used to saying 'thank you', you might find this a bit difficult at first. People around you might give wired looks too! Eventually they will realize that you are genuine about your 'Thank you's and that you don't have a hidden agenda that follows with it.

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