Book Review : Live in the moment

Live in the moment By Julie Clark Robinson

What I like about the book:
* Julie speaks from the heart. She gives advice by highlighting examples of her life.
* The book was short and sweet.

What I dislike about the book:
* The advice given is more suited for women.
* The book didn’t have any psychology theory foundation.

My favorite excerpt:
During one particularly unhealthy romantic relationship years and years ago, I felt like a dog waiting for a pat on the head. I could actually feel myself revving up with excitement as my “master” came through the door. I would then put myself through the human version of running circles around his legs and shaking my tail so hard that my hips had no choice but to follow.
While much of that time is pretty much a blur to me now, I do remember a persistent and disturbing image that formed in my mind at the time: of myself as a dog that lies with his jaws flat on the floor, eyes following the object of his love in hopes of any sign of affection. I never want to feel that way again.

The good thing which came out of this experience was that one day I work up and realized that the only person I could count to make me feel good was me. I can’t tell you how liberating that revelation was to me-to this very day. I feel sort of like a Swiss army knife-everything I need is tucked away, ready to putt out when needed. Of course I need my family and friends to complete my happiness, but I will never ache from emptiness again, because I have learned how to comfort myself.

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jbwritergirl said...

Sounds like an interesting read. With limited time I like shorter books. I just read Mitch Albohms (I can't remember the spelling) book 'With One More Day'. I thought it was rather touching.

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