Change - The Only Constant In Life

My regular readers will notice a major layout revamp. Apart from changing my original blog template, I also moved to blogger beta. All in the process of enhancing my blog!
What do you think of the new layout and structure?

I have been making a few changes in my life lately. (The visible change for you, would be my blog!) So, I thought it would be appropriate to pen a few thoughts on Change.

It is a common belief that people hate change. However, on a regular basis people do change. They change cloths, technology, hairstyles, jobs ..... and even spouses! Change, has become a part of our lives, we cant live without.

What makes change, so difficult?
#1. Fear factor
Moving from known, to unknown. Leaving the comfort sort. I am sure there are enough examples from your life, which could be added here.

#2. Accepting change originating from someone else.
When someone else suggests an idea (a change!), we sometimes tend to resist it.
We despise the suggestion even if we feel its the logical thing to do.

Change may not be a necessity always. Depending on circumstances, we have the option of staying where we are or say come what may. Sometimes, we tend to look at change from all negative angles, whilst ignoring the positive effects the change would bring.

From life experiences, I know that in order to change, the magic action is re-adjust. Re-adjust our viewpoint, re-adjust our mindset. Ernest Holmes couldnt have said it better.

Think Tank:"Change your thinking . . . change your life" ~ Ernest Holmes

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ithinkearthisheaven said...

yes change is always little difficult in life , as far as blog is concerned it makes it more neat and user friendly

Lisa said...

Change is the only thing that has moved me on in life. I know people who are deathly afraid of it, and live such sheltered lives because of that fear. But whether I bring it on myself or I'm forced into it, I always try to find positive ways that I can benefit from the change. I don't know if that accounts for being "smart" or just plain selfish!!

Take good care,

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