2006 Wind Down Of Enhance Life

Two more days to go, until we come to the end of yet another year, in our double-sided life. For me, 2006 has been a combination of challenge, excitement and constant change, resulting in many unforgettable experiences! Among which, one I value very highly is entering the world of blogging.

I startedEnhance Life on the 25th of September 2006 as an outlet to spread my incidental gleanings. To be quite honest, I didn’t begin with the end in mind. (I know, I violated ‘Practice what you peach’. Please pardon me on this one!)

Anyway, three months down the line and I am still posting! (May be not as regularly as I want to.)

With out further delay, let me introduce my nominees for the year 2006.
Most commented post - My Humble Christmas Request
Most linked post (source: Technorati)- Ways to make you feel good (when the going gets tough)
Most visited post (source: Google Analytics )- 7 Ways – How NOT to Annoy People
Favorite post - Who borrowed your time?
Debatable post - Are we blogging for attention ?
Blogging post -How to create a blog
Unorthodox post –Songs to Ponder
Humor post - Written by kids
Health post - Posture Matters
Book review post - Re-imagine
‘Such is Life’ post - 5 Reasons Why Letting Go Is So Difficult
Living simplified post - Best Practices In Naming And Managing Files
Nonsense post - The recipe of the ideal person
Seasonal post – So this is Christmas

Please leave a comment and make your vote heard!

I can’t part this year, with out sprinkling an attitude of gratitude.
So please accept by heartfelt ‘thank you’ going out especially to you. ‘Thank you’ for stopping by, ‘Thank you’ for featuring my posts in your blog, ‘Thank you’ for your comments, ‘Thank you’ to everyone who emailed me with words of encouragement, and if you have subscribed to Enhance Life, ‘Thank you’.

YOU have made my year of 2006 a lot more worthwhile. THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your lives.

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Lisa said...


Thank YOU for sharing your interesting subjects with all of us! I hope you have a prosperous and healthy New Year!

Take good care,

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