Life is double-sided

Life is double-sided;
There’s a wrong side and a right side; A sad side and a happy side.
There’s a good side and a bad side; A black side and a bright side.

So if things seem dark to you, just change your thoughts about.
Life will look quite different if you turn it best side out.

Source: pravsworld

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Lisa said...

How true! Life is all about opposites. Positives and negatives, etc. That's a cute little poem!

Take good care,

Hasitha said...

Like Ecclesiastes 3:1-7?

By the way, I like the new template. Switch over to popup comments. That'll be easier for the commenters.

Enhance Life said...

@Lisa:Sorry for delay in acknowledging your comment. I also thought it was cute :-) This poem is pasted on my computer destop these days.

@Hasitha:yes, The bible also has a similar perspective.

I like my new template too ;-0) I need to figure out a way to add popup comments to blogger. If any of you know, how to, please let me know.

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