6 Things about me, you don’t already know

I have been tagged by Ms.Qand I am summoned to reveal 6 things about me, you don’t already know.
Ok. So here goes.

#1. When I was 12 years old, I slipped, fell and knocked my face on a chair, while playing with my dog, Casper. The fall chipped off parts of my teeth and had to be replaced with fillings!

#2. I can play five musical instruments (Organ, piano, guitar, clarinet and the recorder) with dignity intact! I didn’t count the trumpet and drums because I drive people nuts when I play them!

#3. My birthday is on the 2nd of Dec. Happy belated birthday to me! If you really want to know my age, you will have to tag me again!

#4. I can uplift my spirits by listening to music. My main preference, Michael Learns to Rock, Chicago and Brian Adams.

#5. My family consists of me, myself and I. In other words, I am the only child. (No, that does not mean I am spoilt. Grrrr)

#6. I hail from the techno junky industry. Jargon aside; I work for a software company. (Now you know why some of my posts are technology savvy!)

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Julia Scissor ;-) said...

Hi Sham, thanks for tagging me. Sadly, I can't do the meme bcoz I have written a similar post already.

Ms. Q said...

Thanks for being a good sport and giving up 5 things I didn't know about you and including a "bonus" fact! Happy belated birthday!

Mark Foo | TheBigDreamer.com said...

Hi Shamelle,

It would be good to see a picture of you here or your main About page. :)



Nirojan Donald said...

On point #4, do you prefer only a healing music or a music with words? Presently I am listening to this Hindi (i hope) song which is like getting into my nerves and making me to stand on my toes, but at the same time making me wonder what really the lyrics mean... Have you come across such a situation...?


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