Book Excerpt:The Heart Of A Leader By Ken Blanchard

Positive thinkers get positive results because they are not afraid of problems.
Ken Blanchard and Norman Vincent Peale
The Power of Ethical Management

I know the minute you mention the word ‘problem’ the implication is that you are speaking negatively. But some don’t see it that way.

People often asked Norman Vincent Peale, "Don’t you think life would be better if we had fewer problems?" Norman would answer that question by saying, "I’ll be happy to take you to Woodlawn Cemetery because the only people I know who don’t have any problems are dead."

Norman felt it was possible that the more problems you have, the more alive you were. "If you have no problems at all," he would say "you’re in grave jeopardy!" In fact, if you really insisted that you had no problems, he would suggest that you immediately race home, go straight to your bedroom and slam the door. Then get down on your knees and pray: "What’s the matter, Lord? Don’t you trust me anymore? Give me some problems!"

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Matty said...

I have read somewhere that we were born to solve problems and without them we would die,,,,,and I guess that's why I'm gonna live forever!
Love your posts.

The Advanced Soul said...

I don't think I ever thought it it that way. I like it! Thanks for the awesome excerpt!

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

Today's bonus - Discovered 'Enhance Life'.
will be back soon.

Mark said...

This is an interesting take on problems. I don't agree, I don't believe that we have to have problems to be alive. We can grow without having problems. I would ventue to guess that we are probably disagreeing over definiton of the word problem.

Enhance Life said...

@Matty: Thank you for your continuous encouragement. I really appreciate it.

@The Advanced Soul: I thought the same thing when I read the book. I thought he had viewed "problems" in a different way. That's why I decided to share it with my readers.

@Pink Ginger:Thanks for your comment.

@Mark: Once in a while some have a different "take on life". Its quite ok. I am glad you decided to voice your point of view and I respect your opinion :-)

Jodee said...

I am training manufacturing supervisors this week on a 4-step process for solving problems with people they supervise. The way this training (which was developed during WWII by the U.S. government) defines a problem is "anything a supervisor has to take action on." Over time we've attached a negative context to the word "problem." Semantics? Maybe. Context built by conditioning? I think so.

Enhance Life said...

Hi Jodee,
You have a good point. Thank you.


Tisha! said...

You have an inspirational blog going here Sham! Thanks so much for your visit and kind words I sincerely appreciate them!

Hardships are what have given me courage, like a a vase which has to pass through fire to be molded and shaped to get the desired results or a piece of metal to become jewelry. We should embrace them and turn them into opportunities rather than obstacles.

Wonderful place, so thought-provoking Sham. I shall be back!

Betty said...

Eleven years ago I had a great mentor who taught me that every problem has a solution. Fortunately, he gave me those solutions, and his examples serve me to this day. My focus can be on solutions, if I'm in an aware state of mind. I can even tell myself that I don't have any problems- I only have solutions. (I still fall apart from time to time!)

Brice said...

This is a nice blog you have here. The content certainly draws people in and is thought provoking. The design is clean and crisp and looks nice. Thanks for the comment!

Desiree said...

At first glance I was thinking yeah right like we need problems. However the more I thought about it the more I realized that solving problems does in fact make you feel alive, at least when you feel confident in the application. However, the very difficult problems or the ones that I'd have difficulty mastering I think I could surely live without! I liked this post because it gave me much to ponder.

Enhance Life said...

Hi going out to Tisha, Betti, Brice, Desiree. Thank you very much for your kind words regarding my blog and also post.

The more I think about the problems I have had to resolve in my life, I feel that -
I am what I am today because of the problems I've had to face and overcome.
Is this true for you?

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