Enhance Life: Link Nuggets (January 18, 2007)

I decided to add some variation to my already varied blog! This new addition will include links to other useful and thought provoking posts, I stumble upon.

Most of us want to loose weight (I can see you sigh!). May be reducing weight was a New Year resolution for some. Have you followed through? Well then, this link is for you. Rodger Constandse writes a post on Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals

When you were young, you didn’t even understand the notion of risk. You just did. You ate paint chips off the wall, you tasted the handful of dirt you scooped up in your garden, you stuck your fingers wherever you wanted to, but as time passed and you grew older, you were slowly introduced and taught the notion of risk by others around you and it was as if a square marking your boundaries was slowly painted around you. Soon enough, you stopped risking….. Read the rest of the post on How To Take Risks by Brian Kim.

This post my be a bit too late for my father. However, it could save your health. For those of you who are trying to quite smoking please.. read How to Become an Unusually Happy Non-Smoker

This one is for quotation enthusiasts. 10 Powerful Quotations are John’s insights to capture and harness the spirit of a book.

I plan to post Link Nuggets regularly. If you have a post I could feature over here, please email me at shamelle@gmail.com with a link to your post and a brief introduction of the post. Your post can be just about anything, as long as it enhances life!

I hope these Links Nuggets were helpful.

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Bice said...

I love quotes. Thanks for the link.

Enhance Life said...

Hi Bice,
I am also a great fan of quotes!Glad you loved it.


Mark said...

Thanks for the links, looks like you have shared some good stuff with us.

Desiree said...

Great idea! I'll look forward to these!

Enhance Life said...

Hi Mark, glad you liked the links. Hope they enhanced your life in some way :-)

Hi Desiree, Thank you.


Matty said...

Hi! Shamelle,
Good idea! You do the work and we reap the benefits...win/win! I love it..

Enhance Life said...

Hi Matty,
Thank you for your words of encouragement.


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