Oh Overwhelm

Source:Management Craft

Try as I might, I did not get it done
I'm annoyed by others all smiles and fun.
Tired, frazzled, unable to think
Do I need a lobotomy or just a stiff drink?
Oh well, oh overwhelm.

Am I dense, am I slow, am I poor?
Why is this work I loved such a bore?
I hope for a cyclone to take it all away
The stacks, the people, the bosses, the fray.
Oh well, oh overwhelm.

The problems number too many
Sane employees, are there any?
I want to be good, want to do well
I’ve ended up in manager’s hell.
Oh well, oh overwhelm.

Now wait one cotton pickin’ moment
Musn't allow this self-inflicted torment.
It’s just a day and just a job
Not something deserving my sob.
Oh well, oh overwhelm.

I’ll shake it off, reject the funk
Sit in peace, chant like a monk.
These thoughts of failure I’ll abandon
So bring it on, bring it on!
Oh well, oh overwhelm

I thought this poem relates well to my last post You HAVE TO Love What You Do

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Kelley Bell said...

Nice to meet you.
I see you read Liz Sreauss too. She is so heartwarming and wonderful, don't you think?

I could not get your link to work in my comments regarding the Qthought.

Maybe you could post it here?

-See ya round the blogosphere...

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