A Solution To RSS Information Overload

If you are someone like me, you will have an overwhelming list of unread items in your RSS news reader. Too little time, too many to read….

Amit Agarwal terms it as
RIO [RSS Information Overload]. I do have symtoms of RIO. However, his post on How to Reduce RSS Stress In Your Online Life helped me get a bit more organized.

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Troy Worman said...


Thank you for posting this link to Amit! He is an excellent reference.

Now, while I have your attention. What about joining us at 100 Bloggers [http://www.100bloggers.com]. You would be a wonderful addition!

Orbit Now!

Tisha! said...

ha ha RIO that's brilliant. I don't even bother to read the RSS feeds will make my brain malfunction

cheers to ya

Mark said...

Good info, thanks for sharing!

Enhance Life said...

@Troy:Thank you for your invitation. I would love to join 100Bloggers.
@Tisha:That's a nice way of putting it ;-0)
@Mark:Thank you.


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