Year 2007: An Invitation To Enhance Your Life

I read Rajesh Setty’s post on Quought for the Day and wanted to contribute to his series. In this post’s he asks, “what is the ONE important question a person should ask himself or herself in 2007?”

At the time of reading his post, I had many questions! It has taken me a couple of days to limit it ONE! And here it is. (Drum roll please!)

What things will you Ctrl-Alt-Del for the year 2007, in order to enhance your life?

“Mines of power lie unexplored within you. You use this power unconsciously in all things you do, and you achieve certain results; But if you learn to consciously control and use the power within you, you can accomplish much more.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952)

There are lots of things we have to do and there are loads of things we want to do, however we are limited to 24 hour days. (which includes eating and sleeping as well!) I have often felt that with each passing year the “pace of life” too, increases proportionately. Do you feel the same? If so, what are the things/areas you can control, in order to enhance your life?

“Know how to choose. Most things in life depend on it. You need good taste and an upright judgment; intelligence and application are not enough. There is no perfection without discernment and selection. Two talents are involved: choosing and choosing the best. There are many people with a fertile, subtle intelligence, rigorous judgment, both diligent and well informed, who are lost when they have to choose. They always choose the worst, as though they wanted to show their skill at doing so. Knowing how to choose is one of heaven’s greatest gifts.” - Baltasar Gracian, The Art of Worldly Wisdom

If I were to ask you, “When was the last time, you did something for the first time?” I wonder how many of you would actually have an answer. Yes, we have choices. Are you aware of all your choices? Are you happy where you are? Are you willing to make your life, less monotonous?
So what are the things/areas you can alternate, in order to enhance your life?

Often in life, we put up with a lot of things, we really don’t have to. If there is something/someone in your life you do not want, it is about time to find the cause and remove it.

Or, it may be as simple ( and complicated!) as forgiving yourself.
Anger, hate, Nail biting, smoking, alcohol etc. What’s your delete list?

So, I ask once again, “What things will you Ctrl-Alt-Del for the year 2007, in order to enhance your life?” Your comments are welcome.

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Jodee said...

This is a great question! And the first thing that came to my mind was judgment. I'm going to ctrl-alt-delete judgment. When I'm quiet, I notice that the thoughts that come into my head have some level of judgment to them ("why did she wear that?" "what a stupid thing to say." etc.). I'm going to work to notice those thoughts and apply forgiveness liberally (to myself) and send a silent blessing in its place.

Thanks for the great quought!

Mark said...

Very clever post! I agree, with the control, Alternate and Delete.
My favorite of the three is "Choice". Making concious choices is the first key to everything else! Awaken, make choices!

Matty said...

What a great, thought-provoking post! And perfect timing!
Uhmmmmmm!~I'm going to have to think about this one!
I want to take CONTROL of my Life, and not let Life or others control me. I want to 'ALTERNATE',and choose what suits be best, opposed to what suits others,,,, and yes, unfortunately or maybe fortunately, I need to 'DELETE' certain people from my life, unhealthy habits and boring traditions!
That's a start! Thank you!

Desiree said...

Loved this post what a unique way to define this!

Enhance Life said...

@Jodee: "judgment", that's a timely thing to control-Alt-Del. I think most of us are guilty of that! When I usally find myself "judging" I try my best to remind my self, that I should use the same "yard-stick" to judge. Everyone is different in thier own way and I guess we all have to respect others' individuality.

@Mark: "Awaken, make choices!" Good one Mark! Sometimes we stare so much at the "closed door" that we really don't see the windows of opportunity.

@Matty: Thank you for your kind mention. I really admire your courage when you said,"I want to take CONTROL of my Life, and not let Life or others control me",
You couldn't have put it better. Good luck on applying Ctrl-Alt-Del to your life.

Enhance Life said...

Thank you, Desiree

Karen Lynch said...

What a great question! There are so many things that we all cling to that are not serving us. What would we ctrl-alt-delete?

Senia said...

I really like this post. I just dugg it. And in my signature, I link to a relevant article on "self-regulation"... ie the alt or delete parts!


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