You HAVE TO Love What You Do

Guy Kawasaki's post onTen questions with Donald Trump caught my eye over the week-end. I really liked the choice of questions raised by Kawasaki. I have to applaud Donald Trump's answer to the last question,
Q:"TV is TV, real life is real life: What’s the most important real-life advice you can give to an entrepreneur?"
A: "You have to love what you do. Without passion, great success is hard to come by"…

I agree, with Donald Trump whole heartedly on that one.

Now, allow me to add my 2 cents to his answer.
* Most people know what they don't like to do. But do they know what they love to do?

* It is easy to say, "You have to love what you do". How many of us are quipped to do so? Real life is real life! Most of the time, you are surrounded by complicated practicalities, which prevent you from doing what you love to do. Is this true for you?

* Does that mean everyone who isn't successful is not doing what they love?

Please feel free to leave a comment with your 2 cents :-)

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Secret Simon said...

It seems that in our present day world, there are too many boring jobs that need doing for *everyone* to have work which they love to do - even so, I would recommend people to try to find it if they can. We spend a lot of our time working, so it's best if we *enjoy* that time, and of course as Donald Trump suggests, we're much more likely to be successful if we're doing work which we love. It's obvious really. a) we tend to love what we're good at doing, and b) if we love doing something, we will give more attention to it and so do a better job.

But how many schools are really set up to help people find what they love to do? Most of them here in the UK don't seem to be. They should really give it more attention. I would recommend any young person to go into whatever career they're drawn to, rather than just do whatever seems sensible. There's a book called 'The Work We Were Born To Do' by Nick Williams' which helps you to find the work that you love. If you are lucky, of course, you will be like Donald Trump himself and be drawn to the business of making money!

Mark said...

I think that you nailed it. Most people don't know what they would love to do, they only know what they don't enjoy doing. First step is to reach deep inside and decide what it is that you want to do. I also think that you can find something to love in almost anything you do. Much of this depends largley on the filter that you are viewing your life through, a filter which you control.

Enhance Life said...

Hi Simon,
Thank you for your lovely insight.

Hi Mark,
You have put it into words very nicely. Thank you for your comments.


Matt said...

I love reading stuff like that, I agree with what you said as well about.. life being real and most people just have to do what they have to do.

I don't think you need to work doing what your passionate about, but you can be passionate about what you do.

It's all perspective, you can love your job if you change how you view it. Great post. thanks! :)

Desiree said...

From what Secret Simon said I just want to point out that lots of people like doing things that other people might find boring. I have a friend who loves to clean house. She has made a very successful life for herself. I'd sooner die than spend my days cleaning house but to her its her favorite thing. So I think that if everyone did what they really liked we could still have all the jobs filled. Now would everyone be successful and make great money? Well just ask the starving artist. Doing what you love doesn't necessarily equate to making great money. It does however bring about more personal happiness, and happiness is priceless!

Matty said...

I'm going to agree with Matt and Desiree. I too know waitresses and chambermaids that love what they do. I know janitors that take pride in their work and enjoy their work.
I also know a 'lot' of people who say,,,,I love working with people,,,,,when in reality, No, they should work alone,,,,they're not people material.
I say find out what you really love, and then find a way to make money doing it.

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