How To Easily (and Lazily!) Make Your Loved One Feel Special

Valentine Vanity
Its that time of the year again. I'll be writing some related posts within the course of the week. I prefer to call it the Valentine Vanity series!)

When I was around 9 years old (I think!), we had to write an essay on What the world would be like in year 2000. This was part of our homework for English. I remember this essay because I spent a lot of time interviewing adults in order to get some facts to write. As usual though, I disregarded most of what they had to say and added my own imagination. (I was a crazy nut at that age too!)

Anyway, we are in year 2007 now and I've seen and experienced quite a change in our world and it's people! However, amidst all chaos some things still remain the same. I used to love presents when I was a kid and I still do! I bet whatever your age, you do too. Irrespective of the changing times people generally love gifts. Have you ever wondered why?

I don't know about you, but here is my reason. It is simply because someone thought of me and went out of their way to get me something. I have begun to realize that time is an important factor in anyone's life. So whenever, someone gives a gift (depending on the gift) they also dedicate an element of time as well. Most of the time it is not the content of the gift that matters (at least for me!). A gift is a way of making someone feel special.

Right, now what has this little babble got to do with Valentine? So, here is a way for you to give a gift to your loved one this Valentine. Have you forgotten to get a gift? If you have, then this will definitely get you a "quick fix" gift. However, if you did remember and went out of your way to plan something special, you still can add more value to it.

I am guessing that this song collection will warm even the stone-st of hearts! You can use these for a song dedication, a simple card …. Or some creative hand-work or more!

All My Life- Linda Rondstadt
I never thought that I could feel a love so tender
I never thought I could let those feelings show
But now my heart is on my sleeve
and this love will never leave

Forever By Your Side-Manhattans
Now we see our love has grown
And these have been the sweetest times
That I have ever known
And I know that it will never end,
'Cause every time I look at you,
I fall in love again

Everything-Brian McKnight
Yesterday, came in your eyes, I caught a glimpse of tomorrow
And that's when I realized, that dreams come true.
For you love there's nothing I would not do.
Do I love you? Baby, I do.

If You Could See What I see
And you would know you have my heart
If you could see, what I see
that a treasure's what you are
If you could see, what I see
Created to be
the only one for me
If you could see, what I see

For You I Will-Monica
I will shield your heart from the rain
I will let no harm come your way
Oh these arms will be your shelter
No these arms won't let you down
If there is a mountain to move
I will move that mountain for you
I'm here for you, I'm here forever
I will be your fortress, tall and strong
I'll keep you safe, I'll stand beside you , right or wrong

For The First Time-Kenny Loggins
Such a long time ago
I had given up on findin' this emotion..ever again
But you live with me now
Yes I've found you some how

Love of my life- Jim Brickmen
You are the love of my life
And I'm so glad you found me
You are the love of my life
Baby put your arms around me
I guess this is how it feels
When you finally find something real
My angel in the night
You are the love
The love of my life

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Matty said...

That is wonderful! I'm easy to please....and I've trained my family certificates for book stores,,,potpourri and scented candles and anything for the bath.

Barb said...

Hello Sham,

I so agree with you. I love getting gifts because it means someone was thinking of me and I couldn't care less what the gift actually is. For me, it really is the thought that counts.

You've posted some of my favorite lyrics and what a nice idea this is. It's easy enough to make a card at home any more. I prefer handcrafted cards anyway.

Thank you so much for visiting my site. I'm sorry it took me a week to get over here. Don't ask. I'm trying really hard not to even think about how far behind I am. Imagine. I suddenly decide to actually go away from the computer and take care of my house, and I get hopelessly behind in every aspect of blogging. Sigh....

I don't know it I'll EVER find that balance I'm searching for. But thank you again and I hope you'll continue to visit. I love your blog. I'll be back. :-)

Saymorre said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know I've been to yours before. I must not of commented (I'm a lurker sometimes.) I appologize. I promise to visit (and comment) more often :) You got some great stuff going on here.

Enhance Life said...

Hi Matty,Definitely you have some good gift ideas. Thank you.

Hi Brab, I know what it is like to not having enough time to blog and catch up on the reading. I am going through one of those cycles these days :-)

Hi Saymorre, It is ok to be a lurker :-) I don't think that we have to comment on everything we read! However I am glad that you've left a comment here! Thank you.


Cameron said...

I can honestly say that my favorite gift is simply a hug. It's better than anything money can buy.

Lisa said...

I love gifts too, especially those that so obviously come from the heart. I like to give gifts more than get them though, and I always try to give something special.

Here via the carnival of family life.

Samantha said...

Wonderful idea :) I love that song "For You I Will" Here via CFL :)

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Great song choices.

I'm here from the Carnival.

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