Nine Ways to Dwindle Productivity

We live in a world where many companies expect more with less. It's called productivity. No no, not really! I am just trying to add some creativity to Productive Strategies post on Nine Ways to Devastate Productivity. Here goes,
(If you are confined to a desk job or a cubicle farm, these might sound familiar to you!)

#1. Use email for things that should be done in person Back and forth conversations are better suited to be done in person. Yet, this day and age most people prefer to handle "difficult" conversation by email. (I am guilty on that count too!)

#2. Use face to face and phone conversations for things that should be done over email In order to have face-to-face conversation you need to meet the other person. (Unless he/she happens to be seated next to you!) I am guessing this is good for your productivity since you get a break and a nice walk! However, it might not be for the person you are visiting!

#3. Always sit down in their office no matter how short of a conversation you need to have Now how can you have a rational conversation standing!

#4. Space out visits by 10 minutes Why visit a person once and get all things clarified at once when you can interrupted the person multiple times? Of course if the person is pleasing to the eye, it’s a different story altogether!

#5. Send multiple email messages Whether its multiple emails or (all in)one email it is the same bandwidth collectively. Oh so some people seem to think!

#6. Don't ask the right person Why should you? When you ask several "wrong" people you get to know a lot of people!

#7. Never interrupt them right after lunch It would not be a good idea to ask something really important. It's because they mediate right after lunch.

#8. Send emails that require them to hunt down information and people A little bit of detective work could spice up anyone's mundane job right?

#9. Spread gossip What better way to gain credibility and trust!

Have you been subjected to more creative ways to kill productivity? Do you have more to add to this list ? Your comments are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree on #2. I find at my job, some things that would go on for hours in email can be solved with a single five minute phone call.

It really depends on the person you're emailing - if they have a notoriety for minimalist emails where you have to email them a dozen times for a full answer, that's when it benefits to pick the phone up. (It helps to avoid the 'email thread from heck' scenario.)

Anonymous said...

"8. Send emails that require them to hunt down information and people"

Or attach a Word file and mention that you changed a few points within it. Do not say what. Let them compare it against an earlier version to find out for themselves.

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