Relax and Unwind-Without Spending Any Money!

Relax and Unwind-MeditateHow so, you ask. You must have guessed from the image.It is called Meditation.

Ok. I can hear you groan and I don't blame you. The first time I attempted meditation, my reaction was the same. I think I was about 15 years old then and we were taken on a life training camp from school. The training was about 5 days and part of the curriculum was meditation. At 6 a.m in the morning!

We were given strict instructions to switch off lights and go to sleep by 9.30 p.m. We did so. Little did our teachers know, we began our slumber party with candle light afterwards!. Obviously, you can imagine the state we were in, when meditating at 6 a.m.

Many many years later, a book titled The Three Minute Meditator- 30 Simple Ways To Relax And Unwind caught my eye at the library. I wanted to find out what meditation what all about. Mainly for curiosity sake, I borrowed the book.

So it began, I started reading. To my delight it didn't have anything about waking up in the wee hours of the morning! So I continued reading whilst carrying out the exercises mentioned in the book. Little did I know that I was meditating!

Indeed, meditation has helped me immensely to relax and unwind. What I love about this sort of meditation is that it can be done anywhere. You can try them out when you are traveling, waiting in a queue and even at a boring meeting!

Here are a few simple meditative exercises (excerpts from the book). Try them out and let me know whether it enhanced your life.

The Breath Counting Meditation
Begin practicing this while sitting comfortably in a quiet place.

Simply count the exhale of each breath, mentally:'Inhale… Exhale… 1 Inhale… Exhale… 2 Inhale… Exhale… 3 Inhale… Exhale… 4' Strive not to lose your count, and also try not to alter or regularize your breathing in any way.

If you find yourself thinking about anything except the fell of your breath and the number of that breath, return to focus on the sensation of breathing and on the number of that breath.

Looking And Listening Meditations

This mind clearing exercise is to watch clouds, or the flames of a fire, or the foaming waves at the ocean's shore.

Don't try to make sense of what you see. Don't try to look for patterns. Do nothing but see. As soon as you notice a thought creeping into your mind, go back to just seeing.

You can practice listening the same way. No thought, no judging, no attempts to make sense. Just listening. If thoughts intrude, then focus your attention back on the music. (Instrumental music is usually the easiest type of meditative listening)

The Thought Counting Meditation

Sit comfortably, with some type of timer or alarm clock handy. Set the timer for one minute.
Now close your eyes, and begin to count your thoughts. As soon as a thought appears in your mind, count it, but don't 'get into' the content of that thought. If you do, you may only end up with a count of one thought for your entire minute.

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Matty said...

Wonderful post! I too meditate in the weirdest places...on the deck, dr's office,,absolutely before I see the dentist,,,when I'm worried, and right before I'm about to tear someone a new a......!
It does help!

Betty said...

Thank you for this reminder. I am constantly saying that all I need is to meditate more. I'll get to it right now....


Mark said...

Very good tips on meditation! Thank-you for sharing!
So much can be found in the stillness of the mind.

Enhance Life said...

Hi Matty, Betty,Mark,
Thank you very much for your kind comments. Good luck in meditating.


natalie said...

I often daydream is that anything like meditation i don't think about what i'm daydreamihng about it just kinda flows like water.

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