Why In The World Do I Blog

Why do I blogThe Why I Blog meme has caught up on me. I am a regular reader of Life Optimizer.Imagine my surprise, when I saw yesterday's post mention,
"Now I’d like to asks these great people to share with us why they blog" and then a link to Enhance Life.

Initially when I started blogging, a lot of people asked me why I started blogging. As result I wrote 7 Reasons - Why I started blogging. Looking back, it has been about five months since I started blogging. My reasons for blogging, still stand grounded.

Once again, if I am to iterate a few points from my 7 Reasons - Why I started blogging post,

I Learn, therefore I blog
If you have been a reader from the birth of Enhance Life, you surely would noticed the way my writing has grown. I have learnt a lot on, how to write headlines, structure posts … etc all because I started blogging.
Apart from blogging related learning, I also learn from the background research I do on articles. And Yes, I learn from fellow bloggers as well.

I want make a difference, therefore I blog
I once read somewhere, the you don't have to be Mother Theresa or Bill Gates to change the world. Now, I understand that it is so… true. I can make a difference…. One person at a time. Your comments, email .. the words of encouragement and the site meter traffic during these five months, makes me realize that I make a difference.

Now, that I have said Why I blog, let me also say
I don't blog for money. Look around, you will not find any advertisements. I do have other means of making money :-)
I don't blog to "show-off", or to be famous.

Well, that was the honest truth.

Let me nourish the chain of Why I Blog meme and invite these wonderful individuals to share their reasons.

Matty from Running On Empty
Mark from The Naked Soul
Desiree from Let's Change The World
Janie from Colloquium
Barb from A Chelsea Morning

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Tisha! said...

oh goodness I was tagged by 3 people on this meme and still haven't posted anything, thanks for reminding me!

I like your reasons and it's refreshing to read you!

Donald Latumahina said...

Great reasons, Sham. Thanks for sharing.

Desiree said...

Thanks for tagging me Sham. I answered it in my personal blog, All Other Thoughts.

You have some great reasons for blogging and you are making a difference! Keep up the great work!

Matty said...

I did a post December 30/06 on Why blog?
It was quite a lengthy post and so far, I feel the same.
Maybe in a year, I'll have different reasons to blog. Thanks for thinking of me.

Enhance Life said...

Thank you every for your comments.
Desiree,Matty you have been loyal and "royal" visitor of Enhance Life so I thought of sending some link love your way :-)


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