Life Matters By Roger & Rebecca Merrill (Book Excerpt)

The following excerpt is taken from the book Life Matters By Roger & Rebecca Merrill.

What we see depends on what we look for

While a woman was waiting for her plane at London's Heathrow Airport, she purchased a package of English shortbread cookies. Making her way to a seating area, she carefully arranged her luggage and was getting settled when a man approached and indicated by pleasant gesture that her would like to occupy the seat next to her. She nodded and he sat down.

After a few minutes, the woman decided to eat some of the cookies she had purchased, and reached down to get them. As she opened the package, she noticed the man beside her watching with great interest. She took the first cookie and began to eat when, to her great surprise, the man reached over, smiling, and took the second cookie.

The woman ate her cookie in stunned silence, astonished at the audacity of the man. After a moment she determinedly reached for the 3rd cookie, but no sooner had she taken it out of the package than he, again smiling and without a word, reached over and took the 4th. Her indignation rose as back and forth they went in total silence, she taking a cookie, he taking a cookie, until they reached the bottom of the package where the final cookie remained.
Without hesitation, the man reached over and took it, broke it in half and cheerfully handed her one of the pieces. The woman took her half of the cookie with an icy glare. After finishing his half, the man stood, still smiling. With a polite bow, he turned and walked away.

The woman could not believe that anyone could be so arrogant and rude. She was extremely flustered, her stomach churning. Making her way back to the airport gift shop, she picked up a package of antacid. As she opened her purse to get the money to pay for it, she stopped short.
There in the bag was her unopened package of shortbread cookies!

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