Living In The Now

A book excerpt taken from The Three Minute Meditator- 30 Simple Ways To Relax And Unwind

Living in the Now
Mot of us live most of the time in either the past or the future. Only rarely is our attention focused on what is happening in the 'Right Now'. Is yours? You think so? Then quick - without thinking about it - are you inhaling or exhaling? You probably had to re-focus your attention onto the breath to answer that question. Where had it been?

Thoughts about what we just did, or didn't do, and thought about what we should do, or shouldn't do, or might do, continually clutter our minds. How often we use past thoughts in a self-hating way, 'I should have done it differently', or 'I really messed that one up'. How often we use future thought to upset ourselves, such as 'What if that happens?' or 'It probably won't work out'

Virtually all of our thoughts are either based in past or future, and absolutely all of our feats and desires. Desires are usually remembrances of past pleasures that we plan and hope to re-create in the future. Fears are usually memories of past pain that we plan and hope to avoid in the future.

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Mark said...

It is key that we live in the now, living any where else, simply is not living!

Amanda said...

I found your blog through world of bloggers and just had to say, I'm loving it.

isabella mori said...

what a great blog! insightful, humourous, THINKING ... really glad you came by my blog and introduced yourself!

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