Our Lives Tick Off One Second At A Time

You must be wondering why I made such a statement in the post headline. After all, every one knows that our time on earth is limited, right?

4 weddings and a funeral; yes, I am referring to the movie. I had similar experience in reality. I stood by as triumph and tragedy caressed two of my very good friends. My regular readers will recall my best friend's wedding, a few days ago.

Earlier this week, I got to know that another one of my good friend's father passed away. Apparently he has gone on a trip with his friends and had a river bath. Only to have been caught up in the river current and washed away.

My friend's mother nor siblings knew that the "good bye" they said to him that morning, would be the last goodbye... ever.

True, almost everyday there are stories like this one. You watch them on news, movies and sometimes read in the paper as well.

However, to me, this story is very real. It is a part of a good friend's life, it made me PAUSE.

I couldn't help but wonder
· I am always busy, busy, busy.
· Do the people that matter to me, know that they matter to me?

There are 168 hours in every week. If we sleep for an average of 7 hours a day, it will leave us with 119 hours to 'spend'. (If an average lifetime is n;where n = [your choice], you can calculate how many hours more you have left.)

Remember that long after you have "gone", people might not remember your name. However, they certainly will remember the things you did, to make their lives better.

So, Make every second count! Good luck. Tick, Tick …

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Desiree said...

You are absolutely right Sham! It's so important that we make every single moment count! We should all live life as if today will be our last! We are only here for a short duration. So why not enjoy your stay!

Matty said...

You are so right! They say that people may not remember your name but they will remember the kindness you have shown them.
We all need that reminder from time to time...we tend to take our loved ones for granted.
Good post.
My thoughts and prayers go to your friend & family.

Enhance Life said...

Hi Desiree,Matty,
Nice to know that you also share the same view.

Thank you

Karen Lynch said...

Sometimes things happen that really bring our values into focus. Maybe they are just small wake-up calls!
It also makes me consider how do we spend the time that we have and are we truly living in alignment with what is important to us.
Good post-very thought provoking!

TJ said...

Good one Sham!

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