That's A Fake Smile; Say Cheese!

My best friend since I was 10 years old got married last Friday. I was honored and privileged to have been her bridesmaid. Now what has that tad bit of my personal life, got to do with this post?

I am sure you would agree that photographs play a major role in any wedding. You must have witnessed or experienced numerous things photographers say to make the retinue smile. My best friend's wedding photographer was no different. I have been the bridesmaid a few times before but his phrase to get people smile was new to me! Can you guess what it was?

"It's a fake smile, can I have a real one please…"

The first time we heard it, it brought a genuine smile to our faces. I guess the photographer had a few Kodak moments with that line! (However, hearing it again and again was a bit annoying towards the end!)

That phrase got me thinking. (Thus, I am writing this post!) Most "gurus" emphasize the importance of a smile. How smiling helps self-confidence, what people think of you, your attitude etc.
While for some people, it comes naturally, others have to "work" a bit to get the smile going!
So, not only for photographers, but in day to day life, we sometimes "fake" a smile. Often, it happens when we are in a bad mood and just want to be polite. Or may be your boss tells a joke (which you don't get) and you need to smile!

With that in mind I have a question for you today, is it ok to "fake" a smile sometimes?
After all, if a photographer can recognize a "fake" smile, so can the person you are
(fake)smiling at!

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Matty said...

Yes it is okay to fake a smile! Years ago, when I was training to be a switchboard operator, I was told to smile when I answered the phone, that people could instantly tell that I was a friendly cheerful receptionist. And I got many compliments about that.It does make a big difference.
And if you're having a bad day,,a fake smile is much better than no smile at all.
It's not like a fake orgasm after all!

Peter Damoc said...

It is perfectly OK to fake it! Most of the time... you fake it until it's fake no more.
Faking it shows that you at least are open to it. At least you try.

Mark said...

Yes, faking a smile is a good thing to do, it often brings a real smile to our face. Sometimes you have to fake it to make it. Meaning that even though you may not feel like smiling, faking a smile may just bring your mood up a notch. Fake away!

Sania Wyatt said...

I think it's better to fake a smile than hurt the other person's feeling.

Robert @ reason4smile said...

Hi Shamelle, it's a good article, me personally isn't really able to put a fake smile, people will be able to see it through =).

But what I learn is that to practice happiness, as what I quoted, practice to be happy, find something that you can use as your reason to smile, and then you will have a real smile...

And thanks a lot for your comment,
glad that my baby picture can make you smile =)

I guess you will like this article as well...

Thanks and regards,


Jenz Iggo said...

Yeah perhaps a fake smile is a valid thing, if you compare that with no smiling at all.

But for a moment lets compare a fake smile and a real one. The real one really touches souls, including yours!

Oh I posted a topic akin a week ago!

Todd from Candle Monkey said...


Yes, I think it's ok to fake a smile. Even if others notice that you're faking it, having a smile on your face is almost always going to be better received than a frown.


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