Work Addiction Is Voluntary

I left my office a bit early yesterday as I had to attend a funeral. It was quite close to my home, so after the funeral I decided to directly head home (without going back to office).
As a result, I was home early, to the amazement of my family. I must admit that I couldn't remember the last time I went home in daylight! (of course on a weekday!).

In teasing (plus sarcasm) tone, I was asked, "Have you been fired today?"

Well, this comment made me carry out a "soul search", to find out whether I am spending too much time working. Yes, the right term for this is "workaholic". I surely, couldn't be a workaholic, my inner voice said!

I was inquisitive to find out, the answer. In the process, I stumbled upon some interesting articles and I am sharing them with you.

Slow Leadership had a excellent check list. Just what I was looking for.

#1. People close to you habitually accuse you of neglecting them in favor of work demands.
#2. You often use work pressure as an excuse to avoid people and the demands they place on you.
#3. Your work is what defines you. You need it to feel a complete person.
#4. If things slow down or work is slack, you feel compelled to create or find more work to fill the void.
#5. You prefer times alone when you can get on with your work to time spent with others.
#6. You find your thoughts are about work all the time, even when you're doing something unconnected with work.
#7. When you aren't working, you feel restless and bored. Getting back to work is like going home.
#8. You don't have time to use or enjoy what work lets you own. Others get most out of your income and lifestyle.
#9. You're never satisfied with your accomplishments. There's always the nagging sense you ought to have done more.
#10. You know your life is unbalanced, but you tell yourself you like it that way. Maybe you'll put it right sometime, but never now.
#11. The thought of being out of work (or retiring) terrifies you. You cannot imagine what you would do in place of work.
#12. You often wake several times in the course of most nights, or have trouble going to sleep, because your mind is occupied with thinking about work and work issues.

Five Signals That You May Be a Workaholic
#1. Preoccupation with work.
#2. Discomfort in delegating.
#3. Neglect other aspects of their life.
#4. Merge other parts of their lives into work.
#5. ‘Sneaking’ work.

Do You Focus on Work Too Much?
#1. Just about all my friends are co-workers.
#2. Most of my conversations, whether at home or at work, revolve around work-related issues.
#3. I don’t have any interest nor time for hobbies
#4. I am working more hours than I ever have in the past.
#5. If I do take vacation time, I always check in with my employer regularly.
#6. My family complains that I never make time for them.
#7. The more I work, the more money I make, and thus the better I can provide for my family.
#8. I have not taken a sick day or personal day in years – or ever.
#9. I almost always take work home with me.
#10. When I do spend time at home, I can usually be found in my home-office doing work.

Can you rule out yourself as a workaholic, after reading the above?

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Mark said...

Very good stuff. At times I have been a workaholic. I used work in the past to avoid certain other aspects of my life as most addicts do.
Happy to say, that I now look forward to going home at the end of the day, I long for the weekends and now they seem way to short.

Enhance Life said...

Hi Mark,
I can relate, when you say " used work in the past to avoid certain other aspects of my life". I too use work as a "escape mechanism" from real life.

Thank you

Mr. J said...

Hahaha.. this one is cool. Hmm, workaholic.. yeh it's an escape route from the more complex things in life, but hey it pays.. so no complaints.

taylor1940 said...

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