6 Timeless Ways To Stay Out Of Trouble

#1. It’s not what we don’t know that get’s us in trouble, it’s what we DON’T DO
What I was about 11 years old, I really liked played with my dog- Casper. Much of the enjoyment came from running around the house, with the fellow on my tail.! At the time, I had been given several firm warning by my mother- ‘DON’T RUN inside the house, you might fall and hurt yourself’. Of course, as mischievous as I was, I didn’t take the advice.
Then one day it happened. I slipped and fell. I knocked my face (mouth) on the edge of a hardy wooden chair. The repercussions of that incident are still felt today. As a result, parts of my front teeth are fake! Sh!!!!

That was just one example of my life that I shared with you. There are plenty more! I am sure that looking back, you too would have had your moments. How many drink and drive? How many speed and die?

On most occasions we know what we shouldn’t do. Yet, for various reasons, we still do….

#2. Be mindful of who you trust

There is no crash course out there, which will help you with this one! I believe that this is more of a trial and error method! The more experience you have with life, the easier it become to fine tune your judgment.

#3. Stay away from trouble makers

For some odd reason, I have found that ‘trouble makers’ make life interesting and exciting, for a while. Is the true for you?
However, after some time, it all fades away and you are left with pain, anger and frustration.

#4. Take care of your health
Eat healthy, exercise and drink a lot of water! Yes, you already know this stuff. Then why aren’t you doing? Ha… Point #1 proven!

When it comes to health, another observation I have noticed is that we tend to ignore or postpone illness symptoms. We wait until it is unbearable to seek medical advice. Sounds familiar?

#5. Try not to annoy people
Last October, I carried out a survey of certain factors that annoy people. Since, I have already written a post about this, I won’t duplicate it here.

#6. Accidents cause people!

Do the above guidelines work for you? Is there anything else you can suggest?

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Mark said...

Good advice. I would add, listen to your self. Listen to your gut feelings! That is almost always the right thing to do.

kailani said...

That Noah's Ark one was funny! Thanks for the insight and the laughs!

Thank you for submitting this post to the Carnival of Family Life. Our 1 year anniversary edition will be up on May 7th!

An Island Life

Matty said...

Wow! You hit the nail on the head. This post reminds me so much of the poem...'Desiderata'. Old advice but still good today.
Love your thought-provoking posts.
Have a great week!

BC Doan said...

This is a great post! And I love the photo choices too!

Anonymous said...

its all good to say do this do that but how do you do it.. all the web sites are the same they are just saying shit i want to know how to change and how to not get distacted not end up in trouble and all these sites are telling me is dont so it so thnks alot il work it out myself

Anonymous said...

how can you get trouble and they don,t

Anonymous said...

see my friend sometime get me in trouble i won,t to know how to stay out of it

Mary Belgrave said...

I like trouble but dislike consequences.

Mary Belgrave said...

I like trouble but dislike consequences.

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