A Journal Doesn’t Have To Be A ‘Dear Diary’

There is a room in our house where all junk is stored! In this context the definition of junk is, things that we don’t have time to sort out or things we have no use of at the moment. A cleaning session was long overdue for that room and I somehow got my self to start the clean-up operation.

Not knowing where to start from, I decided to leave it to fate! I choose to sort out the first thing that caught my eye. Right in front of me was this old card board box (full of dust!).
Amid a few sneezes, I managed to get around opening the box. My eyes lit up when saw what was inside.

The box contain several note books and journals written by my (late) grandfather. I was hoping to find some ‘juicy’ bits about how my grandfather met my grandma & so on! After all, the oldest diary was written in 1931.

I didn’t find what I was looking for. However, I wasn’t disappointed. The journals contained things that were even more amazing and unbelievable.

His diaries had accomplishments and facts of each of his children. Did I mention that he had 9 children! Naturally, I picked up the journal on my mother. It had the date and time she was born, the day my mother first went to school, the prizes she won etc. After browsing through several pages, I found another fact that struck me with ‘awe’. There in black and white was the date and time I was born.

Likewise I flipped through several other journals as well. The next journal I picked up was rather different from the one I just read. My grandfather was a doctor by profession and he had recorded diseases, symptoms and medicine of some patients he had treated.

Inspired by his journals, I invite you to have a journal of some sort-for yourself or a loved one. It can be digital or “old fashioned” paper. Believe me, years from now you will appreciate the time and effort spent on it.

Here are a few more ideas on what you can record,
Health - Blood pressure monitor, blood glucose level etc
Blogging – Blog statistics, contacts
Work – Accomplishments, new things learned, mistakes made
Books –reviews, excerpt , pictures

Currently, do you have a journal? what is it about?
If you don’t have one at the moment, what would you like to keep a journal on?

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Forgetful God said...

I agree with you. A Journal is a type of self-communication that definately helps. Most of us have the "internal dialog" going all the time but don't really take it seriously. If we knew that this internal dialog was actually our connection to the source of all things (our mind) it would do us all a lot of good.

I think Journals help us build on our relationship with ourselves. As for my journal, it is entirely about my communication with the mind. I look forward to reading more of yours.

A forgetful God

Nothingman said...

ahhh..paper...that lovely sound of fountain pen on white sheets...man nothing can compare to that...i have written diaries since 1997 and continued till...2006, after that guess life got too hectic..but...gonna write again, today.

Thanks for the good post, friend, I'm linking to you, a link back would be appreciated.:)


Matty said...

Wow! Wasn't that great? How very thoughtful of your grandfather. We would all love a history of our accomplishments. That's a wonderful idea.

Mark said...

It is great that you found your Grandfathers journal! Very interesting I am sure.
I do not have a journal per say. My blog is my journal. It is my thoughts of my spiritual journey. I have often thought about writing a personal diary, however I never felt comfortable with having something that personal available for people to stumble upon.

Enhance Life said...

Hi All,
Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.

I guess some of us use our "blog" as a journal sometimes. :-)


Belle said...

What a beautiful find. When I read your post, I could just picture your grandfather's journals and notebooks.

I've never been very good at the "dear diary" thing. For years, though, I did "Morning Pages", and from there I moved to my "abundance" journals.

But now I'm feeling inspired to start a "this is my life" journal - one that's not necessarily chronological. Thank you for posting this!

Deb said...

I love that it had facts about each child and stuff like that. Very nice!

Saymorre said...

I have kept a journal of some sorts (paper and/or digital) for over since I was about 12.

Now I have a digital journal (online), a paper journal where I write daily doings, affirmations, goals, etc. and I also have a written dream journal that I started up recently.

Patricia Singleton said...

Right now I have a really really high stack of papers that I need to sort into the proper notebooks for my daughter and 4 grandchildren. Last year, I decided to keep notebooks of the emails that go back and forth between my daughter who lives in Idaho and me. I live in Arkansas. She sends me pictures of the 4 grandchildren and daily routine information as well as an occasional heated conversation back and forth between us as we disagree about something. All of these will one day be sorted into the notebooks that I am saving to give back to my daughter and to each of her children. I think I will present the notebooks to each child on their 18th or 21st birthdays.

CG Walters said...

thank you, Shamelle. This is a very good, new perspective of a journal for me.
Many blessings to you and all you hold dear,

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