Make Money, Not Excuses!

This post is my two cents, based on an article I read over the week-end. It was titled 6 (Worthless) Excuses For Not Saving Money

I found myself nodding, for many of the excuses mentioned. What about you?

Excuse No. 1: I don't make enough
I am sure at some point of life, all of us have said this. You get a pay cheque and even before you know it, POOF it’s gone. That leaves you with a few more weeks to get by, before you get your next pay cheque. Even then, the cycle continues. Sounds familiar?

The human tendency is to always want more. It’s no different with money. One might argue that with the rising inflation and taxes, we NEED more. We DO, we DO!

In spite of salary increments/personal profits, will what we make, ever be enough for us?

Excuse No. 2: I'll get around to it later
Some of us tend to postpone saving. There have been many time, I have said to myself, You are too young to save! Most people, give saving a serious thought, only when retirement is within sight.

Excuse No. 3: I deserve a little luxury in my life
I work so hard, I NEED to reward my self.
If not now, when will I get to enjoy life?

Personally, I think we all deserve a little luxury from time to time. We NEED to go out and have some fun. Yes, you can still save, if you are mindful of the percentage to allocate for “luxury”.

Excuse No. 4: Someone else will take care of it
Depending on your household, you assume that someone else will pay the electricity bill. In the end, you realize that that person was waiting for you to pay the bill and thus, now there is a fine as well.
It is indeed great if you have someone to bare .. ooooops I mean share the bills with. However, make sure that the “ground rules” are laid beforehand.

Excuse No. 5: I'm saving through my 401(k)
No comment on this one!

Excuse No. 6: This item or service will pay for itself
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use Harry Potter wizardry um… any wizardry for that matter, and wipe away the bills? Dream on… ;-)

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Mark said...

Excellent post. I have fallen prey to all of these excuses over the years at one time or another. Now I live in a knowing of abundance, which has changed my reality.

Matty said...

Wonderful Sham,
I think we all can say 'guilty' to all those excuses.
I was planning to write a post shortly about...when is enough...enough?\
Very good timing! I've been thinking seriously about how I spend or waste money. No, its never about me. I always spend on the grandkids.
Last month, for the 1st time in my life, I treated myself to a pedicure,,,and for a few days I felt guilty. I treated myself to a pedicure because I had cut down my smoking to 3 a day,,,and I needed a reward.
When I finally quit,,I'll get a manicure as well.

Bryan said...


I really liked this article. Thank you for submitting it to the carnival of personal growth. I will be featuring it in this week's issue:

Keep up the good work.

- Bryan

Anonymous said...

nice post!

Marvin Barrett said...

Hi Shamelle,

Good post,

I can relate this these excuses. Looking at them now I laugh to think about even making them. The true beauty of personal growth :-)

Thanks for sharing


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