Using Constructive Feedback To Polish My Mirror

My blogging lifespan has been only 6 months todate. I am constantly on the look out for constructive feedback to improve my blog.

I am someone who is on the look out for feedback-in any aspect of life. I like hearing what I did right (don't we all!) and what I can improve on. My previous boss said that he really admired that fact about me! Ok ok. MPHOT (Monkey Praising Her Own Tail!) -Sorry

Anyway, my blog life span is around 6 months to-date. I know I have a lot to do, to improve the blog. Meanwhile, I would also like to know what I am doing wrong. So I sized an opportunity given by Business Wire. It had this wonderful concept called the SOAP (Scratch One Another Program). Simply put, its where I give my constructive feedback/ advice to one blogger assigned by Business wire itself. In return, someone he assigns does the same to my blog.

I was honored that my blog was reviewed by an outstanding blogger. He is non other than Douglus from The Marketing Technology Blog.

Indeed his feedback has been very useful to me. If you look around, you will notice that I have made a few changes to my blog, based on his advice.

I really like the way it had conveyed the review. He had categorized into 4 main areas.
Here goes….

1. Who are you?
Yes, I am aware that there aren’t too many details about me, on the "About" section. The truth is for a long time, I was even a bit "shy" to reveal my name. I know that must sound really stupid, but it took me a while to get "comfortable" with my blog. Does that make sense? Never mind, if it doesn’t!

So I guess I have to really get out of my "shell" if I want to put a picture of me. Hm… fingers crossed.

As for my credentials, I thought I will dedicate a separate post for that. Stay tuned!

2.Content Layout
Yes I too feel that the sidebars are a bit disorganized. I have been toying with different sections, moving them from left to right, however, I don't think I ever got the "right" combination.

I know, I know, the RSS button is too huge. I read somewhere that if you have a large, eye-catching RSS Button that people will subscribe. Looking at feedburner stats, I have noticed a sizable increase in subscription. However, I have made the RSS button slightly smaller, in an attempt to make it less over powering. What do you think?

3. Theme
Give more prominence to the content as opposed to the side bars. I have been trying to do that for some time now. Unfortunately, my experimentation with this blog template hasn't taken me far. I want to make the right side bar a bit slimmer and make the post content a bit wider. I there is anyone who can help me out with that, please let me know.

A border for images, is definitely something I can add.

4. Where is everyone?
Comment on other blogs. Again, something I want to do. Its just that I am a bit tight on time. That's a lousy excuse I know. But it is the truth. My day job doesn't leave me with too much time to make blogging relationships. Nevertheless, I want to and I have to device a way to make it more effective.

Douglus, thank you very much for your valuable advice. I really am grateful and appreciate it.

Now, I request for feedback from you, my dear readers. What do you think about Enhance Life? What are the things you like over here? What can I improve on?

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surjit said...

Quite informative and useful Post.I think,I should try to improve my blog.Thanks and good luck.

Mark said...

It's always good to get feedback.
Feedback is the breakfast of Champions!

Lisa said...


So great to hear from you! It's been ages!

I think your blog is very professional-looking. I'm sure your readers would love a post about what you do...I really have no clue as to what your profession is, although I've assumed in the past that you work in the corporate world. I don't know why I thought that! I guess certain things from some of your posts led me to come to that conclusion.

I would love to change my blog, but alas, I really don't know how to get it personalized to what I would like!

Good to hear from you, hope that you get some good feedback on the blog!

Matty said...

I think we started at the same time. I started in November '06. I wish someone would give me advice on my blog.
What's an RSS button for?
I do find your sidebars busy, so much to take in, but I'm no expert.
I wish someone would help me with mine. Just so plain.
I also find your content very impersonal, I don't feel your personality coming through.
Also the colors are bland, nothing seems to stand out.
Hey, you asked.

I do try to leave comments on my favorite blogs, but 'only' if I have something to say. I won't do it if I'm not interested in what they have to say, I'm not trying to earn Brownie pts...people know when you're real.
If I'm interested in the subject I leave comments,,,if it doesn't appeal to me, I don't......
I do try to set out half an hr of time even at midnight to respond if somebody's post made me smile or laugh or think.
Could I get someone to comment on mine?
By the way, you always make me think.
Have a great week.

Enhance Life said...

Hi all,

@Surjit: Thank you for your compliments and best wishes.

@Mark:"Feedback is the breakfast of Champions!" How true!

@Lisa: Nice to have you back after some time. You are right. I work in the corporate world. Sigh! I guess it has its ups and downs.

@Matty: I do admit that I sometimes tend to leave the "personal" factor from my posts. The truth is even though I don't say too much about me, most of the posts are based on my life.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in.

Once again, thank you very much for taking the trouble to give me feedback. I will do my best to incorperate your suggestions.


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