6 'American Idol Ways' To Enhance Your Blogging

1#. Don't tell me how talented you are, show me!
At the beginning of each season, the judges weed out the truly unworthy. We see quite a number of contestants, who are not selected for the next round. More often, they plead by saying that they are good. Then again, the judges don't see it that way!

Many of us are talented in numerous ways. I might not be good at what you are good at. Which doesn't mean I am not talented! Each of us are gifted in unique ways. Do you know what your talents are? Are you using them? Can others see it?

#2. Appearance matters!
American Idol
If you follow the show week after week, you will notice that the contestants change their hairstyles, clothing style etc. Sometimes, I even find it difficult to recognize the person! Most of the time, they dress the part. Their clothing reflects the song they sing.

Coming back to blogging, the look and feel of your blog goes a long way. It creates a foundation for what you write. How are the element in your side-bar arranged? Does it give a wow impression to the first time reader?

#3. Learn from feedback
American Idol feedback
What ever you do, where ever you are criticism will always be there. We need to be able to filter out the constructive criticism and do something about it!

#4. If you don't win the audience, they won't vote for you
American Idol
Apart from the contestant's talents, their sense of humor, the way they smile goes a long way towards retaining a place in the next round. It's about making a relationship with the audience. Basically, the more liability personality you have, the better change you have of surviving.

#5. Content takes center stage
You would have heard the judges comment, "That wasn't a good song choice for you".
Content is…
-The way they vary the tone of the voice
-The contestant facial expression when they sing the song
-The way they make eye contact with the audience
The list goes on..

It is no different in blogospere. The content you deliver to the reader, should be worthy of the time he/she spends reading it. What do you say?

#6.It is a lot of hard work!
In order to bring to production a classy performance every week, I bet the contestants have to practice a lot. I know, they make it look so.. Easy!

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Mark said...

Very cool way to teach a blogging lesson. I enjoyed this.

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