80/20 Individual By Richard Koch (Book Excerpt)

To thine own self be true-but to which self should you be true to?

The self that spends a huge amount of time and sweat getting nowhere? The self that engages in destructive patters o behavior? The self that follows the crowd (all of us, saints and lunatics only excepted, spend much or most of our time conforming to the dictates of others)? Our automatic self? The self that achieves nothing out of the ordinary? The self that could just as well not be a self at all?

No. The self to which we must be true is our really distinctive and productive self, our unique self, our imaginative, positive and creative self, the 20% or less of ourselves that contribute more than 80% of our impact and happiness.

First we have to find this self, to be aware of the powerful vital few characteristics within ourselves. Then we have to nurture and grow this 20%. Only then can we use it to make the world and ourselves richer.

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Matty said...

Your post is 'right on.' To your own self be true!
We are so many things to so many people.
Nobody knows the real me! The other day I told my son...'you know Mom, you know Mommy,,,,and when you're angry, you know Mother! But you dont' know Matty! That's what blogging is all about. Being ourselves when nobody is looking.
Wonderful post.
Have a great week!

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