Are We There Yet?

I was traveling by bus a couple of days ago, when I got this post idea. What inspired me to write this post was a little talkative boy, who was seated in front of me. I think he must have been around 4 or 5 years old. This little fellow, was fascinated by the vehicles that passed by. Each time our bus, passed a vehicle he would say Car, Van etc to the person sitting next to him. I assumed it was his mum. After while, as with most children that age, he got bored and started asking his mum, “Are we there yet?”. Then his mum would try to explain that we had a long way to go. That kept his silent for a while. But not for long. Again, he asked, “Are we there yet?” . This time the mum explain that we first need to reach town A, then go to town B, then town C etc and finally the destination. Of course that didn’t stop the little boy from asking the questions. However, this time his question was different. He asked “Have we reached town A?”. Obviously, he was a smart little one!

This incident made me realize a few things. A life perspective! Here goes..

* There are 2 categories of people. Some people know where they are heading and others don’t. (I think the common term is called ‘Goals’!)

* People who know where they are heading need to aware of path/route to get to the destination. (Breaking down one goal, into manageable tasks/milestones -> sub-goals)

* People who know where they are heading need to constantly know where they are. If we don’t monitor we might not even know that we’ve reached our destination! This happens to some people who fall asleep on the bus!

So, are we there yet? Hm…

This was just one of those posts, where I think out loud. Please feel free to add your comments.

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Mark said...

Have you ever noticed that you can never get "there"? No one ever says that I am there, because you are always here!
It is all about the journey.

Matty said...

Very thought-provoking post! Makes you wonder. Sometimes we think we know where we're going but we're at a standstill. And sometimes we're just running around in circles. Yet, there are other days where the path is clear. Without goals and dreams we are surely lost.
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

thank you

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