Face The Facts; The Ex-Files

This post is based on The Tyra Banks Show; A television talk show, similar to Oprah Winfrey.
This particular show I am referring to, was a slight deviation from the regular topics they discuss. From what I gathered Face the Facts- the Ex-Files, was an attempt to revisit previous relationships in order to find out ‘what went wrong’ or rather to answer the question ‘why do I always get dumped’.

Tyra (the hostess) interviewed three women. I can’t imagine why they agreed to be on television and publicly discuss the relationship along with their ex’s! May be they were temporarily out of their mind! Or may be they were paid handsomely. Hm… I wouldn’t know!

Your too controlling, protective, insensitive, jealous etc etc The usual ex-relationship banter was the outcome of the discussions. Anyway, it was entertaining to watch! I wonder what the participants felt like hearing the negative feedback. It didn’t end there. They were also given professional help by Dr. Michelle.

This show seemed in line with one of my previous posts, Using Constructive Feedback To Polish My Mirror On this occasion the relationship mirror!

Sometimes when a break-up happens it takes us by surprise. We often wonder ‘why’.
It is easy and more self comforting to blame the other person. However, if you go through your Ex-files, you might be able to find facts that you contributed to the break-up.

The conclusion was not to change yourself for someone, rather to analyze the past relationships, and find out whether there is anything you can do, to be a better you.

Dr. Michelle went on to say it was important for individuals to evaluate their romantic history, looking for patterns that needed to be changed. She stressed the importance of changing for personal growth, opposed to changing for a man (or woman).

What are your thoughts? Do you think that revisiting the closet of skeletons is worthwhile?

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Tisha! said...

I do think it is worthwhile revisiting those moments and seeing how your past behavior may be influencing your present life. Sometimes if we take the time to examine it closely we can see where we may have gone wrong towards personal growth.

Mark said...

I think if your willing to be totaly honest with yourself that there are lessons to be learned from past relationships.

Matty said...

I still don't understand how people can go on those reality shows and bare all. Maybe they want their 15 minutes of fame? Why bother looking back,,,we know what went wrong, we met a jerk!

Janaka said...

I don’t agree people talking there personal life in public. Not there Ex-relationships not there current relationships. Yeah.. I agree to Matty. May be what they want is to become popular(in a un-professional manner) by becoming other peoples gossip articles.

As Marks says, I believe that revisiting past relationships honestly could help in identifying your mistakes and by not repeating them we might be able to succeed next time. Revisiting does not mean hanging on it, or spending rest of the life thinking of it. But if you can move on with some good values added to the life… I think that will be great.

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