If It Is Meant To Be – It Will Be

You went for a job interview that you really wanted. A few days later, you get a rejection letter. Your mother says, “If It Is Meant To Be – It Will Be

You think you are in love. You feel you’ve met the perfect match, until she announces that she only wants to be “just friends”. Then, your best friend says (Among other things!), “If It Is Meant To Be – It Will Be”.

You want to start your own business. You apply for a bank loan. Your request is denied. Your wife says, “If It Is Meant To Be – It Will Be”.

Your grandmother buys lottery tickets with the hope of winning the jackpot. She complains to you about not being lucky. You tell her, “If It Is Meant To Be – It Will Be”. :-)

I can come up with more examples. However, I think I will rest my imagination, for now.

So, tell me, has anyone every said that to you? At the time, did you feel like punching the person? :-) I am sure they all meant well. We find it so hard to believe. We keep asking “why”. We keep analyzing what went wrong.

Years later, we begin to realize. We wonder, “how true”. Not clear yet? Let me extend one of the above examples.

You might have not got “that” job, yet you got another job which is much better. You are happy where you are. May be you don’t want to admit it, but your mother was right.“If It Is Meant To Be – It Will Be” after all!

Do you see where I am heading with this? There are “bad” things that happen to us occasionally. We don’t always get what we want. Sometimes, I feel there is no logical explanation for such situations. We just have to “bow” our heads and convince ourselves that If It Is Meant To Be – It Will Be.

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Mark said...

Truth is that everything happens for a reason, sometimes we are not yet ready to see or understand the reason. Good post.

Anonymous said...

wow nice post man xD

Marta said...

True, true but also sometimes I feel it as a convenient excuse. When something goes bad, we like to give it a reasonning. I also like to say that everything happens for a reason. As someone above mentioned, we usually don't understand why bad things happen at that very instant. Months or years later when we are happy and everything worked out well, we can finally say: now I understand, if I got that job back then, I wouldn't be in my current position which I love OR if this girl didn't want to be just friends, I wouldn't meet my present wife... So, I think this theory works, when thinks work out well. Still, it's good to think that and stay optimistic.

On the other hand I've heard people overusing this phrase and the whole philosophy of "if it's meant to be, it will be". Many times it IS up to us what happens. I cannot slack and my job and say that: oh well, if it's meant to be, they will not fire me. The same as it comes to relationships. I've had a serious crisis in mine lately and heard many people who said "if it's meant to be...". Well, is it? We are from the opposite corners of the world and my boyfrien's internship is about to finish in the place we live together now. He is having serious doubts about his future, career and us. So what does it mean when he says the above mentioned phrase. I think it's just putting away the responsiblitiy. If it worked this way, we would never make anything happen. Some things demand a lot of work though - thriving career, relationships - should we sit and wait and blame it all on "If it's meant to be.." or actually try to work things out and make things happen?

Anonymous said...

In the end, if it was mean't to be, it WILL be. Because of the past endeavours and the future endeavours to come you realise the best choice available, you realise the choice that is meant to be and you are thankful that things weren't meant to be in the past for you are better off now.

Anonymous said...

what if you could feel that something was meant to be? so many coincidences which made you believe it was actually going to happen... but then it didn't. that's the most painful thing

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