The Strongest Principle Of Growth Lies In Human Choice

John Wesley recently wrote an intriguing article on Balancing the present and the future. Here is a glimpse of the article.

Consider some of the choices that impact our lives on a daily basis:
Do I stay up late hanging out with friends, or go to sleep and be productive tomorrow?
Do I eat out because it’s easy, or cook at home and save money?
Should I work late and get ahead, or enjoy the beautiful spring weather?

Each of these choices boils down to a simple question. Do I want to enjoy the present moment or plan for the future?

These are all difficult decisions because both answers have their merits. The present moment is fleeting and immediate, while the future is constantly hanging overhead. Part of us is constantly begging for indulgence while another part is worried that we’re falling behind and won’t be able to recover.

I couldn’t agree more. We are constantly hunted by choices. Some are easier than others. A few, you wish you never had to make! Often, I feel that we are overloaded with choices. Collectively, all these decisions shape our tomorrows, to come.

“The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice."
~ George Eliot (1819-1880)

What are your thoughts? How do you balance the present and the future ?

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Matty said...

How do I balance it? One thought at a time, one day at a time. Learning from the bad choices I made, determined not to make the same mistakes..thinking before acting.
And you have to admit.....some mistakes are so much fun....they are well worth repeating.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sham,
This is so true...I don't know how to balance life...but for sometime I've been thinking of taking a step back and figuring out what's important in life -- not urgent. Things that have no material value but would mean the world to you - Family, friends,enjoying a hobby, learning new things etc. Instead, we're bogged down by work, work and more work... and I am posting this right after getting "the news".
Hope for the best..:)

Naren Rajamani said...


I feel choices in life are a good option. They tend to make us learn and enjoy our inner emotions, which really matters of life. Every choice has to be multi-dimensionally analysed before moving ahead. Effects that it creates to oneself and to the surroundings like family friends and others. But the focus of choice should be more to the self and the resultants in the short and long term.
If someone gives me the opportunities you have mentioned above, for the first one it would be that i would think about my next day's plans and then decide it on the priority whether to be with friends or be productive the next day. I would think about the tasks that i am committed to deal with and decide.
In the second I would look at my current pocket power and plan accordingly.
In the third I would choose to spend the time with the beautiful spring weather as I feel the moment is unique and it gives pleasure to my soul.

I like to say one thing to you, choices should be analysed both by the soul and the heart in every individual with respect to the situation and to the surroundings. Our choices should be seen to that does not create any complications to our loved ones. Every choice is specific and time bound. So thats the reason why we should be very careful and alert in a multi-dimension approach when we make our choice.


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