Building A Better Business (Book Excerpt)

Building a better world

Just that..
.. in what ever way you choose.

Each of us is unique, and building a better world also means different things at various stages of life, but it’s essentially about a better life in some way for yourself, or perhaps for those you care for, for family and friends, or for the community you live in and beyond.

Everything you have ever done from the day you were born, from taking a sip of water to solving a problem or ‘saving the world’, is related to this universal human desire for a better life.

Improvement is the key- even if this is just your own feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment, or may be personal comfort right now as you adjust your position slightly while reading this book.

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Matty said...

Yes, we have this drive from birth to have a better life and give our children an even better life no matter the cost. I think that is what life is all about, to learn to grow, to improve, to educate. Since I started blogging, I'm amazed at all the things I have learned every single day.
Have a great week!

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