I do (But…. I don't): Decide To Be Decisive

Life is a collection of continuous decisions. It can be simple as 'what time to get up in the morning', or 'what to wear to office today' or as complex as 'should I take a loan' or "should I buy the new car" etc.

Here are a few guidelines that have proven to be useful to me.

#1. What’s the objective?
This is basically to establish why I am making the decision in the first place and what I intend to get out of it.

#2.Gather all the necessary information
Sometimes we are in groping in the dark since we don’t have the adequate information. Try as much as possible to get all facts together before the final verdict.

#3.Worst case scenario?
Evaluate the probable consequences of each decision. Would I be able to live with it, if in case reality turns ugly?

#4. Weigh your options
Seeing things on paper, goes a long way towards finding perspective. The traditional list of pro’s and con’s will do wonders. Or it can even be a creative sketch. Use what ever that works for you.

#5. Ask for advice
There may be others who have gone through a similar experience. Find out their insights on the matter. They can’t make the decision for you, however they could help you make the decision.

#6. Take your time
I generally take a long time to decide things (I am referring to "huge" decisions, not minor day to day ones!). However, when I decide something it is usually final. I don’t go back and fourth asking my self ‘What If’. So if there is no life threatening deadline , take your time; don’t be hasty. After all, we are what we are today because of the decisions we made in the past. The same goes for the future!

Is there anything else, you can add to this list?

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Mark said...

Great advice. I would add, who are you making this decision for, i.e. are you doing this because you want to or to please someone else.

Anonymous said...

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