Places To Fish And Find Great Blog Post Ideas

Since I started blogging, one question that I am often asked is, "How do you get ideas to write?"

One of the toughest things that I encounter as a blogger, is the fact that I need to find great ideas. A post idea that will make the reader’s time worthwhile; one that will make a difference; An idea that will enhance your life. A very tough ask! I try my best, and you bear witness to it ;-)

Do you wonder how my little brain(yes, I have one! But I sometimes wonder!) comes up with what I write? It is no secret anymore, here it is.

1. Get floating thoughts out of your head and into your post
If you are to execute this eloquently, you NEED to have a notebook and a pen with you at all times! Write about anything that comes to your mind, however stupid you may think it is! Not much of that goes into my posts, as soon as it is written. I ask myself, "What more should I add to make this a blog post?" With time, I build upon the things I have jotted down.

Why Do Smart People Do Stupid Things Sometimes?
Our Lives Tick Off One Second At A Time

#2. Make time for 'Idle' time
When you are involved in many things that require your attention, you might not have any time for floating thoughts. In these situations, you can utilize the time you spend on traveling, waiting in a queue or even taking shower! It works for me. (No, No I don't take a notebook to the shower!)

#3. Participate in ideas that propagates itself.
Blog meme's, tags or group writing projects come under this one. What I like about this is that the topic is handed to me. Thus, I only need to concentrate on the actual content. To a certain extent, it brings back memories of my school English teacher, who used to give me an essay topic to write about ;-)

Top 5 Ways To Make Your Week-End Last Longer , Group writing project on “Top 5”
Tagged: My Simply Successful Secrets
Year 2007: An Invitation To Enhance Your Life - My contribution to “what is the ONE important question a person should ask himself or herself in 2007?”

#4. Surround your writing around your reading
Much of what I write is influenced by what I read. Books, blogs, Magazines, news papers etc .You might want to elaborate on a certain topic that you just read, write a book review or even a book excerpt.

Re-imagine by Tom Peters (Book Review)
The Heart Of A Leader By Ken Blanchard (Book Excerpt)

#5. Draw inspiration from your hobbies
Television, Sports, Music …. Can you share something about these with your readers? Well, I have.

Practice What You Preach! - Was related to a Larry King interview
Face The Facts; The Ex-Files My thoughts on an episode of Tyra Banks show

#6. Dissect your day
Yes, it is a summarized version of most of the above points. Basically, random stuff that happens throughout my day. You get a 'peek' into my daily life!

Who Borrowed Your Time Today? – When I was at a lecture
That's A Fake Smile; Say Cheese! – Inspiration from my best friend’s wedding
A Journal Doesn’t Have To Be A ‘Dear Diary’ – Occurred while I was cleaning!

#7. Share your knowledge/tips
When you stumble upon interesting reads, share them with your readers.

A Solution To RSS Information Overload
Best Practices In Naming And Managing Files
Health Watch: Posture Matters!

#8. Listen to your readers (audience)
The comments section, the emails you get could be the source for your next post!

The very fact that I am writing this post is because several people asked me, "how do you get ideas?" :-)

#9. Ask questions
Are We Blogging For Attention?
Are We There Yet?

#10. Expand on already written posts
It can be your post or someone else’s post. If it is someone else’s please make sure you give due credit, by mentioning the author/ blog and linking to the post.

Make Money, Not Excuses!
Nine Ways to Dwindle Productivity

#11. Write about latest happenings
You can write a post, based on special days, latest news, the current tech Buzz etc

So This Is Christmas
Can You Survive For 24 Hours Without Your Computer?

#12. Voice your opinions
This can be about something you feel strongly about. It can be contributing your insights to someone else’s blog post. Perhaps you agree, or disagree about a certain post.

The Strongest Principle Of Growth Lies In Human Choice
Begin With The End In Mind
You HAVE TO Love What You Do

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Matty said...

I hope you don't take offense...but spell-check is a good idea. If you want to be credible......check grammar....people tend to pay attention to someone with good grammar skills. 'Worthwhile' is one word, and so is 'maybe'.....'bare' should be bear..etc.
I enjoy your posts...but I always wonder about people that are sloppy when it comes to grammar or spelling. If you want to be taken attention to the written word.
Always a good idea to edit your post!
I wish you well!

Enhance Life said...

Hi Matty,
Thank you very much for your advice. I really appreciate it.

I do edit the post. It's just that I don't spend too much time I suppose. With my day-time job I find it difficult to spend more time on proof reading. I just want to press the button publish! he he

Thanks again

Matty said...

I am so sorry about being so criticizing! I guess I was just having a bad day. I'm so glad you are not taking my advice badly.
This was advice I was given 6 months I just thought I would pass it on.
I really enjoy your posts...they are so informative...always something to learn.
Thank you for being so kind...I'm sorry if I sounded rude...that was not my intention.
Perhaps one day you can tell us all about Sri Lanka. What is it like there? how are women treated? is it difficult to live there? There is so much I would like to know about your country. I'm sure I'm not the only one. How long have you lived here? Maybe one day you'd like to write a post on your country...and the advantages and disadvantages?
Thank you.

Enhance Life said...

Hi Matty,
Not to worry, your advice is taken in good spirit. See I didn't realize that people paid that much attention to what I write.So I am glad that you pointed it out! Now i will spend a little more time of proof reading! he he

Anyway as I've said before
Using Constructive Feedback To Polish My Mirror. In order to improve, we all need feedback!

Yes, I will write about Sri Lanka one of these days ....:-)
Thank you

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