This Is My Now (Centenary Post)

Once, upon a time, about 9 months ago.. I began my blogging journey with a simple welcome post. I must admit, developing a blogging voice was difficult. Ideas were hard to come by. Thus, it is a bit hard for me to realize that I am actually writing my centenary post!

Initially, I wanted to check out what blogging was. It was more or less an experiment that turned out to be hobby! Of course, I had several other reasons for starting a blog. It has been a great experience for me so far. I have made loads of friends (across continents!) and learnt a lot on numerous things.

So today, I would like to dedicate my centenary post to all my readers.

Thank you very much for your comments, email and links. It is very much appreciated. The feedback you have given me has been very useful to me.

A special ‘thank you’ out to Mattyfor her continuously encouragement. Did you know that you are the top commentor for Enhance Life? he he. Your insights are truely appreciated.

If you have any ideas that would enhance this blog, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Quite a few people have already given me couple of topics to write about. While I have written some of them, I haven’t forgotten the others.

What about you? Is there a specific topic you want me to write about?

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Nothingman said...

You got a pretty extensive blog man...and its always fun to read...i don't think you should have a derth of ideas....i just don't get time, otherwise i've been thinking about opening a new blog...:P

so, does this mean you going to quit?

ah, well...may be you can write about relationships, or may be tips for getting laid for college students ;)

finding free porn on net, can be an interesting topic ;)

take care!


Desiree said...

You're doing a great job. I don't have any special requests I like to be surprised. :-) Keep up the good work and congrats!

Matty said...

Holy cow! Some 'commenters' are too much!
Shamelle, Congratulations! I have enjoyed your blog immensely, always something new to learn, well thought out, thought-provoking, sometimes humorous! I appreciate your thank you.
Actually I am commenting tonight to let you know that I am nominating your blog this week, as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2007.
I will be posting about it in a few days....stay tuned.
The only specific topic I can suggest you write about is yourself. Everybody wants to get to know the person behind the blog. You don't have to get too personal! Your likes, dislikes, hopes, goals, dreams, plans, hobbies....
Have a great weekend.

Matty said...

I nominated you for one of the top 10 most influential blogs for this year.
Check out my blog.
Have a great week.

vendiopia said...

I Love Your Awesome Down-To-Earth Life-Learning Works About L.I.F.E

Way to go, Sham!
`vendiopia (:

TJ :) said...

Hi Sham!
I read your posts from time to time when I need some peace of mind or just want to relax! I come here thinking I'll just read one post on Sham's site, but then end up reading a few :)
I love how witty you are!
You're doing a great job and keep up the great work! :)
Take care!

Marie said...


Is this a UK based blog?

- Marie.

Marie said...


Is this a UK based blog?

- Marie.

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