Do You Know The Most Important Parameter For Building A Better Blog?

Lately though, I have begun to notice that most of the advice given in these articles revolve around one key “parameter”. What does that mean? Well, advice is all well and good… In most blogs ;-) . However, if we are to successfully improve, I would say we need a good balance of ….
There are plenty of blogs, blogging about building a better blog. They offer numerous ways of improving your blog. I have also contributed my share of blogging guidance.


I wish I had endless hours to work on my blog. Sadly though, reality speaks otherwise. Unless you are full time blogger, you might squeeze a few minutes here and there to write a post. In most cases, it reflects on your post.

In order to reduce the time spent on a particular post, most of us purposefully compromise on perfection; Yes, quality indeed.

Proof reading
Some people are blindly sloppy. Others, simply “compromise” on proof reading. I am guilty as charged. On rare occasions, I just glimpse through once and then press the publish button.
Pardon me!

You can’t transform yourself into a creative, free thought maverick everyday! Ideas are hard to come by sometimes.

I generally don’t write when I don’t have anything “moving” to add. However, I have come across a couple of blog posts, which are written for the sake of writing! Written for the sake of keeping the blogging rhythm ticking.

Spending a little more time on a headline, image or even structure… could it ultimately make your blog post better?

Blogging relationships
Do you take the time to reply your email, comments? Hm…

Well, those were a few examples that are somewhat obvious, I am sure you can think of more. What can you do about them? Hm……

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Matty said...

I started blogging in Nov..06 with a very plain template from blogger. Now that the kids are gone to camp for 10 days, I hope to follow some of your advice and make changes. I'd like to change my template and the whole look of my blog..without losing any of my posts...agh!!And add the essentials that every blog must have.
And advice you can give me is well appreciated.
Is there a way I can change from 2 columns to 3, different set-up, etc, without losing the content! Do I have to pick a template from blogger or do I have other choices. And what is the most important things I should have on my sidebar besides 'fav blogs'?
Thanks for any help you can throw my way.

Mark said...

Good thoughts, I am sure they will inspire people to be better with the care and feeding of their blogs.

Matty said...

You're right. I tend to ignore blogs that don't respond no matter how many times I comment. I also tend to ignore blogs that actually count how many times I comment, as if I'm getting brownie points. They are looking at quantity instead of quality. I don't understand why some bloggers don't take the time to visit or answer their comments but yet they invite others to comment on their blog. Nobody likes a one-sided conversation. Also people that swear profusely or have 'porn' sites on their side-bar are a natural turn-off!

Zepharia Andres said...

When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. See the link below for more info.


Shea Kang said...

Good vibes. Everyday, all day. God Bless :)

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