Good Deeds Get Rewarded (Even Here On Planet Earth!)

I was flipping through the television channels, when I came across the drama One Tree HillNext thing you know, I was wrapped up in this show! Normally, I just scoff at shows of this nature, but on this particular day, I happened to watch the episode. Don’t worry I won’t go into all the details; There was one heart warning moment, and I wanted to share it with you.

I will leave out the actual names of the characters for the benefit of those readers who are not familiar with the show.

Here goes,
A young man, visits an old man called Mel, every Saturday, at an elder’s home. One day, he took his date along with him to meet Mel. Apparently, Mel has been a popular and successful race car driver in his day! So, this girl suggested that they take Mel to a race track and do the go car thing. Mel enjoyed it very much. Then the girl comments, ‘Mel probably won't forget their big night for awhile’. Then this young man tells her that Mel is his grandfather who is suffering from the Alzheimer's disease. He went on to say that Mel most likely won't remember any of it of the good time he had that day.

She asks him why he keeps coming to see his grandpa when he'll just forget. The young man replies, “I will remember. Mel doesn't have much more time, and besides, no one should die alone”

I have often wondered why, some people risk their own lives to rescue total strangers. Tsunami, earth quakes, bombs etc… If you haven’t witnessed in real life, I am sure you must have at least seen it on television.

Now, I think I understand - Why.

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Mark said...

Thank-you for sharing this snipit of the show. My mother is in the same situation. She won't remember we vistid her, however I know that I have not visited her when I have been a way for awhile.
Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody knows you are doing it.

Matty said...

A wonderful post! Many people I know have parents who have Alzheimer's and they visit them often, even though the parent is not aware of it. I visit my mom 3 times a, her memory is good, but there are others there who are not as fortunate. Every time I go, they ask me my name and who I am..and each time (hundreds) I tell them...and take the time to talk to them. Some of them never get visit....children are working..or dead or too busy, etc...if they only knew that loneliness can be worse than cancer.
Volunteering even 3 hours a month would make a world of difference to these seniors and make you richer by far.

Alison Lee said...

That's a beautiful thought. My grandmother had Alzheimer before she passed away. When she died, she only remembered my mom but she was at least surrounded by her family.

I can imagine how hard it must be for these seniors who family do not even care to visit them.

Volunteering is an excellent way to give something back to society!

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