Designing Your future Begins Here ….

I was at an IT workshop recently and one activity given to us was to “design the future” (as opposed to predicting!) for the next 10 years. Dealing with technology, I am sure you will agree with me when I say, imagination is the limit. I have watched several movies with a high caliber of “future technology”. I often wondered, “how in the world did they think of that!”. May be you have too.

The workshop inspired me to “design the future”, again! Yet, from a different perspective. Let’s call this edition the ‘enhance life’ edition!

Yes, Life. Do you still have one?

Unlike technology, there a few additional parameters that adds to the equation, when designing your LIFE's future. I suppose imagination is bound by reality and human emotion.

Some people might regard this post as stupid or nutty. You are welcome to your own opinion, after you need the next sentence!

In order to be where you are today, you certainly have to have designed it; knowingly or otherwise. The sequence of actions that have taken place over the last few years, has led you to, today. (And you don’t need me to tell this to you!)

Looking back, about 10 years ago I never “designed” it to be where it is today. Well, may be I partially designed it!. In some areas, designs have materialized to a construction marvel; in certain other areas, the design needs effective execution!

So what do you think?
Is a design for the future needed? Or do I go with the flow? (In a couple of years time, you will know whether you made the right choice! )

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Mark said...

I am a big believer in designing your future! Going with the flow usually means that someone else is designing your future. I say take control and be the creator.

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