The Best Christmas Gift You Can Give Yourself

It’s that time of the year …
The city is nicely lit with various breathtaking decorations. The roads are never a lonely sight. There are so many people walking about, one begins to wonder where they were all through the year!

I bet you also did your round of shopping for your loved ones. Did you get something for yourself as well? Probably spent a few dollars on that as well huh?

The gift I am proposing doesn’t cost you anything, in terms of any financial sense. If you thought this post was a way of using affiliate marketing… shame on you. :-)

I can’t take any credit for this idea. The idea originated from one of my mother’s good friend’s. She is an UK citizen and came to Sri Lanka(that’s where I live!) for a short holiday. About a week before her flight, she discovered a small lump under her chin while washing her face. As days passed by she began to get a tingling pain and went to the doctor to get it checked. The doctor had given her medication and as a precautionary measure asked her to get a biopsy done as well. She continued with her holiday plans and came to Sri Lanka. After a few days in Sri Lanka, she got her report. The biopsy confirmed that she has cancer. The doctor instructed her to come to UK immediately to proceed with chemotherapy.

With much regret she re-scheduled her flight. Even though she wanted to stay in Sri Lanka for about 5 weeks, the holiday was cut short. Hearing about it my mother went to visit her. When she talked about Christmas and what she wanted this year this is what she has said. “I want to have the courage to HOPE, that I will able to have by pass this hurdle and be back in Sri Lanka next year to relive the Christmas I couldn’t have this year.”

When my mother related the story to me, I was really moved. In my childhood days I too have spent time with her, and it was hard to believe that such things could happen to some I know.

Within each of us, there usually is something we long for. It may not be something as crucial as surviving cancer. You may have dreams which are yet to come true.So keep that HOPE alive. Don’t give up.

Hope Christmas 2008This Christmas 2007, I truly wish that you get what you HOPE for. Very Merry Christmas. Have a good one!

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Mark said...

My thoughts and blessings are with your friend and you and your family! Hope is alive! Send her your love!

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