Earn More Money With Smorty

Smorty is a service that connects bloggers and advertisers.
Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

How Smorty can benifit you

• You could to write reviews about the campaigns that are offered to you.
• Use the affiliate program and earn some extra dollars

• Advertise on blogs and get as many back links from the them as possible
• Increase your exposure

Payment details
• Smorty assignments generally range from $6 - $15 each
• Payment is done via Paypal, on a weekly basis.

My 2 cents;
• The registering process is very easy. You can join for free. Once the your blog is approved, you can begin your assignments. I was amazed when I received an approval mail within a day.
• The user interface of the website is simple and easy to understand. It will be suited even for someone who just entered the blogging world.
• The requirements of each Smorty assignment is well-explained in detail. The cost for the post is also indicated along with it. Thus, considering the time and the effort spent you can decide whether its worthwhile going ahead with the assignment.
• The payment doesn’t make one too enthusiastic. However, if you have some time on your hands and can write several posts a day… um.. do the calculations!
• If you love making money online using your blog, give Smorty a try and get paid to blog!

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tobeme said...

Interesting, I will check it out.

the_jester said...

But won't this fill up your blog with advertisements written by you?

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