Staying Motivated When We Don't Loose Weight, The Way We Want!

As my regular readers would know, I returned from Oslo about two weeks ago. I didn’t sort out the luggage the first week thinking I will wear my old cloths for the time being. To my utter shock, I discovered that I couldn’t wear most of jeans I left behind. This led me to check my weight. Yes, I had put on a few ponds. Even though I was away for only 3 months, come to think of it I wasn’t too careful with my diet. I did a quick calculation on the Body Mass Index (BMI), and was relieved to find out that I am still in the “normal” range.

With the sole motivation of fitting into my old clothes I started an exercise routine. I have been cautious with my diet as well. It has been two whole weeks now, however I am not too thrilled with the progress I made.

It is all too easy to give up and blame it on the scale. However, I still continue with the exercise routine. Here are a few things that stop me from quitting!

1. There is no quick fix
Starting from fantastic fitness machines to, too good to be true diets…. The media makes you believe that there is a quick solution out there. Watching such advertisements or even reading magazines, it seems too good to be true. I have come to realize that it is!

2. Set realistic goals
Following up on the above point, you might have seen headlines like “Loose 50 pounds in 50 days”. Yes, I agree that there many be people who have achieved that. However, the dynamics we have to deal with are different. For example due to work, I don’t get as many hours as I would like to exercise during weekdays. Thus, I need to take into account such constrains and set realistic goals. What works for you may not work for me and visa versa.

3. Temptation - The only thing I can’t resist
This is one of my biggest setbacks. It’s probably why the scale doesn’t show a favorable result. I bought several packets of chocolate at the air port duty free. Having so many chocolates, how can I not eat one?

That’s not the only temptation. Some days when I return from work I am so tired that I want to head straight to bed.

So how badly do you want to loose weight? :-)

4. Find some friends to “join” you
It can be encouraging if you are working with a group to loose weight. You will be able to discuss what works and what doesn’t. Not forgetting, sharing complaints!

5. Variety
Doing the same set of exercise every day can be very boring. I started varying it by going for swimming and playing badminton.

6. Have something to look forward to
As silly as it might sound, I am looking forward fit into my old jeans again. What do you have to look forward to?

Deciding to loose weight is rather easy. However, it takes a lot of determination and self persuasion to keep going. You have come so far, don’t give up now! Good Luck

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