7 Things To Be Cautious Of In Year 2008 And Beyond

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Cautious Year 2008
This post is my view of what we need to watch out this coming year. What's your view?

#1. Guard your time like a hawk
I once read somewhere that its all about "stuff" and "time". We need to identify how “stuff” robs us of space time and energy. Ultimately get rid of the things we don't really need and get at the absolute essentials.

Before you know it we might be wishing 2008 goodbye. I have stopped counting how many people told me, “My, I can’t believe another year has gone by so soon.”.
So, make more time for the important stuff otherwise you will regret later.

#2. Don’t loose your identity
More and more people these days, wants to adapt the lifestyle of someone else. They try to change or imitate someone else and along the way, loose their uniqueness.
They generally are not happy with themselves and constantly say,
If I had more money
If I had a nice face
If I had ..

#3. Don’t be a victim of "technoism"
In this day and age you find gadgets with various bells and whistles. You may not even know how to use some of these! Sometimes, you spend a generous amount only to feel stressed and frustrated.

Yes, we need the television, cell phone, internet etc. Its up to you to draw the boundaries.

#4. Preserve your hearing
This is somewhat related to the above (and a one that is very relevant for me!). I am an avid fan of music and audio books. As a result, I use my headphones about 15 hours a day.

#5. Lighten up!
None of us are in control as much as we like to think we are. Don't take yourself too seriously.

#6. Food Zone
While fast food is easy and tasty, it doesn’t do us any good in the long run. Try as much as possible to have a well-balanced and nutritious meal. Plan your meals before you write out your shopping list. You'll know what is needed and time will be saved.

#7. Terrorism
You hear about shootings, suicides bombs and wonder, "what has become of this world!". Sadly though, there is nothing much you and I can do to prevent this!

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

~ Frank Outlaw

Are there other things to be cautions of in your list? let me know.
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Hayden Tompkins said...

I find that people seem to have this psychological need to have their in-box empty or to answer every phone call.

Sure, you should address every email - but then ignore it. You don't have to check it compulsively.

And if the phone call is important enough, they'll leave a message.

Let 2008 be a year of letting technology be your tool instead of it being your master.

Enhance Life said...

Amen to that!

Dust-bunny said...

This was a very good and timely post...some great advice here. Love the quote at the end...I don't know if truer words were ever spoken (or if "truer" is even a word, actually)!

Lawrence Cheok | A Long Long Road said...

Hi Sham,

I just want to drop by and thank you for your great comments on my article at PickTheBrain.

Have a great 2008, and I'll be careful of those pitfalls you'd just mentioned in your article here.

Adam Kamerer - JoyChaser.com said...

I really liked most of your tips, but I have to disagree with number 7. I think there is something we can do about it, by doing our best to smooth over the glitches in human communication that cause the cross-cultural animosities that fuel things like terrorism. I believe that by learning more about the cultures of our "enemies," we can come to a greater sense of understanding and peace.

JHS said...

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The Carnival will be live on Monday, January 14, 2008, so be sure to stop by and peruse all the excellent submissions included this week!

Considered hosting the Carnival? Stop by Colloquium, check out the schedule and drop me a note, telling me which week you are interested in hosting!

Tip Diva said...

Great reminders!

JEMi | Tips for Life, Love, You said...


I came from the bookstore last night.. I spenthours in there in JEMi Heaven lol

and I saw this new gadget from sony.. im a gadget fiend and I know it

but its supposed to hold many books in it

something I could appreciate from time to time

it even had a "paper feel" screen

but.. i just didnt want to rob myself of the awesome experience of buying and owning an awesome new hardcover

You should of seen me walk away

like "im a product of this generation but THIS is where i draw the line!!!!"

I felt good about myself for it.


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