Common Sense; Where Is It When You Need It The Most?

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Common Sense
Common Sense is one of those much-used words that is hard to define. The dictionary calls it good sense in every affairs; practical intelligence. Once again the key word is good. We are evidently supposed to just know what makes good common sense. Of course some of it is learned, but really the idea suggests that we may have a built in sense of right and wrong.

Much has been written on the idea that we have a conscience or an intuition about good and bad, and I tend to agree.

For example if someone decided to steal something from you or kill you, without asking your permission, is it safe to say that you instinctively feel these things are wrong? Common sense tells you killing and stealing are not good. I wish all questions of right and wrong were that easy! Nevertheless, the key to it is, if you aren’t absolutely certain, keep searching for the answer. Your intuitions may work in subtle ways, making you sense that something just doesn’t seem right.

Common sense is instinct. Enough of it is genius.
George Bernard Shaw

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Liara Covert said...

As a child, I remember assuming that all human beings grew up to have something called "common sense." Then, during adulthood, I came to realize this was a kind of illusion I created in my own mind. Over time, people have made analogies to describe common sense as a perspective on telepathy or collective thought that anyone can develop. It must be a conscious effort and everyone i have met doesn't share this specific goal.

concrete batch plant said...

It means we put our potential for happiness on external factors we cannot control.

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