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I downloaded the following ebooks for free from Self Growth Free Giveaway. Thought of sharing the link with you.

* How to Get the Truth Out of Anyone
* Discover EFT, with the ULTIMATE Manual
* Get ANYBODY to Like You in 30 Seconds!
* Holistic Healing Secrets
* Advanced Memory Course
* The Ultimate Self-Esteem Workbook
* 177 Ways to Burn Those Calories!
* 404 Self-Improvement Tips
* Introduction to Hypnosis

Hope these are useful and you benefit from them.

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tobeme said...

This is a great sevice you provided, thanks.

paul maurice martin said...

Thanks for the useful links.

Lol, I should have written that first article about how to get the truth out of anyone because I was an elementary school counselor for twenty years. I had my ways... Had to!

Jun Fuderanan said...

Great topics. For more articles, you may visit

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